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Avery Kinnear Promoted to Sales Manager, Epic

November 07, 2023


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During her nearly two years of full-time employment at ALKU, Avery has been an outstanding employee and team player within her group. Within her time here, her guidance and motivation have helped lead a start-up group from having no spread to having an incredible spread high. Through her passion and flexibility, she has amassed an incredible spread high and continues to inspire other Recruiters on her team to follow in her footsteps and use her as an example. Avery has played an integral part in getting Data Science off the ground and into a fully-functioning division. Beyond her impressive statistics, Avery is the pacesetter, heartbeat, and core of the Data Science team. From Intern all-star to Shift Lead to Data Science Recruiter to Roadmapped employee, Avery has succeeded in every single aspect of her career. She has ascended to leadership faster than almost any employee in the company, which is a direct result of her effort, determination, competitive nature, and desire to be great at what she does. She will be making a transition from Recruiting to Sales and will be learning a new industry altogether; for most, this might be a daunting task, but if you know Avery, you know what the eventual outcome will be: success.

Avery has not only contributed to Data Science’s culture, but her impact on the Charlotte office and ALKU’s Have Fun Working Hard® culture is impossible to ignore. She is an active member of ALKU’s AWE Employee Resource Group and has spearheaded two VTO opportunities for members of the Charlotte office. Her passion for kindness and helping those in need is evident, both in and out of the office. In Avery’s new role, she will be responsible for leading, developing, and training new Account Managers in the Epic division while growing the group to new heights! She will be responsible for leading the Epic Sales team and developing both spread and personnel amongst the group. Congratulations, Avery! We are so excited to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“ALKU has a ton of great people in leadership, and I am so pumped we are adding one more in Avery. Avery is truly one of a kind. Out of all the people I’ve worked with here, I haven’t seen anyone as naturally talented as Avery – not just as a revenue producer but also as a leader. Without a ton of tenure, she had earned the trust and respect of the people on her team while also holding the vast majority of spread in her group. When I started working with Avery a year and a half ago, I couldn’t believe how much she just “got it.” Everything you throw at her, every change you ask her to make, every difficult situation she’s put in, she handles it like she’s been there a thousand times. I have all the confidence in the world that her promotion into leadership and moving to a new division on the other side of the desk will be no different. She’ll handle the transition and challenges of the role with confidence, and she’ll continue creating high-level producers on the sales side. Avery has been striving to get into leadership, and I’m so happy the time has finally come. Congratulations on the promotion, AK! Can’t wait to watch you build a strong sales team in Charlotte and continue growing your career and the careers of everyone around you!” – Senior Recruiting Manager, DISS, Tyson Ashcraft

“With everything Avery has accomplished so far in her ALKU career, it is tough to believe that she has only been full-time for under two years. She was the first Recruiter into a start-up that switched what they were selling, and she didn’t miss a beat. At some points throughout her time in Data Science, it seemed like every other recruiter was playing for second place. She was the heartbeat and the motor for the Data Science Recruiting team. When she was tasked with developing others, she was successful in that as well, bringing up to speed another top-level producer who is now solidly producing their personal spread. Essentially, everything Avery has been tasked with, she has excelled in. That is why her meteoric rise to leadership has been one of the fastest ascents I’ve seen since being here at ALKU. Now, she takes on the role of Sales Manager for a completely different division. That task will not be easy, but like everything else that we’ve thrown at Avery, I have no doubt she will knock this out of the park as well. Congratulations, Avery, on your first of many promotions!” – Sales Director, HCIT & DISS, Dan Lyons

To set the stage for what you are about to read, I want you to know that Avery is very special, and she is an outlier amongst outliers in our industry. In a company full of talented people in the top 1% of staffing, Avery still manages to stick out.

I could sit here and tell you all the stats, all the data, and all the things she has accomplished already during her short tenure; however, I would prefer to tell you more about her as a person and what makes her different than most.

I remember when she first started interning here, working alongside one of the most talented Recruiters I have ever worked with. At that time, I remember him saying something that really resonated with me because he was never too quick to hand out compliments (probably because he knew he was amongst the best). He turned to me and said, “Wow, this Avery girl is nasty… I would take her full-time right now.” At that time, she still had a full year of interning left before starting here full-time. Just insane.

What makes Avery stand out amongst the crowd is her overwhelming desire for her own and her group’s success. She is obsessed with getting better, striving for perfection, and being the best version of herself every single day. How she defines success is rarely found these days, and she just flat-out wants it more than others.

From Intern to Shift Lead to Recruiter, Recruiting Manager, and now to Sales Manager, Avery has paved one hell of a path since she came on board and is someone who truly sets the bar for what level of talent we hope to have in every employee here. If ALKU had more people like Avery, not only would we be better off because of it, but we would be taken to heights we have never seen before. Yes, she is that talented.

Believe it or not, Avery Kinnear and Michael Scott have some similarities. What are they? If you were to ask her about her flaws, she would give you the same answer Michael does; “I work too hard, I care too much, and sometimes I can be too invested in my job.”

A more than deserving promotion for someone I admire to the fullest. The level of care you bring is second to none, and you have made a tremendous impact on me, others you work with, and all of ALKU since day one. Congratulations to you, Avery; this is one of many steps you will ultimately take during your career here. AK to the moon!” – Senior Recruiting Director, HCIT & DISS, Tyler Bush