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AWE Spotlight: Leah Hall

June 26, 2024


ALKU Women Empowered (AWE) is a women’s group determined to provide resources to the women of ALKU and give them the support they need to continue to develop within the organization. Six women have changed their status from AWE Member to AWE Leader, and one of them is Communications Coordinator, Leah Hall.

Motivation to be an AWE Leader
Every day, Leah is proud to be a woman and do all she can to uplift the women around her. Being a member of AWE was an opportunity for Leah to utilize her passion while collaborating with other women and providing a space of companionship and positivity. During her time as a member, she was inspired by the prior AWE Leadership team facilitating the group; these women took time out of their already impressive roles to lead a safe space for other women in the company. Leah remembers thinking about how she wished she had their confidence and passion.

Supporting the ALKrew
As a new AWE Leader, Leah will continue to provide the support and safe space that AWE has been for her and many other women at ALKU. She encourages group members to come to any of the leaders for anything, whether it’s for advice on an issue or just someone to talk to. This year, Leah hopes to collaborate with more ERGs on joint meetings and fundraising opportunities.

Core AWE Memory
The 2022 AWE Conference was by far one of Leah’s favorite memories; hearing so many women share their experiences left a huge mark on her. Another core initiative for her is the yearly Women’s History Month meeting, where a group of ALKU women who started in a specific year are highlighted for their accomplishments and milestones. It’s a time-honored tradition to hear about their growth and listen to their advice – and it’s one tradition Leah is looking forward to continuing.

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