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AWE Spotlight: Meg Azevedo

May 08, 2024


ALKU Women Empowered (AWE) is a women’s group determined to provide resources to the women of ALKU and give them the support they need to continue to develop within the organization. Six women have changed their status from AWE Member to AWE Leader, and one of them is Workday Financials Recruiter, Meg Azevedo.

Jumping at Opportunity

With support and encouragement from the women around her and self-reflection on how the group impacted her, Meg applied to be an AWE Leader. AWE has been instrumental in helping Meg get to a place she is proud of professionally and personally. It was a no-brainer for her to jump at the opportunity to help other women at ALKU do the same.

Supporting the ALKrew 

AWE is a special group for many women at ALKU. As an AWE Leader, Meg’s goal is to build on the incredible atmosphere created by its founders. She wants everyone to continue attending meetings, sharing new ideas, being heard, and supporting one another. Meg’s aspirations include organizing events and outings with speakers based on the members’ feedback, ensuring everyone feels valued and included.

For Future AWE Members

To quote Meg, “If you’re thinking of joining, join!” AWE meetings and events offer the opportunity to meet successful and empowering women and discuss things you’re excited about or need guidance on. Meg’s favorite memory as a member was attending the AWE Conference. It was a day when she reflected on the goals she had set for herself and got advice on achieving them and overcoming bumps along the way.

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