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Black History Month at ALKU

March 01, 2023


Throughout February, ALKU celebrated Black History Month. From testimonials, open meetings, and newsletters, ALKU honored the history and achievements of the Black community, both past and present.  

ALKU kicked off Black History Month by raising money for local organizations that support the Black community. Some of these organizations include Young Man with A Plan, The Equity Alliance, Black Women’s Health Imperative, A Better World. Additionally, ALKU revealed that they are selling exclusive ALKU Unity x Black History Month t-shirts to raise $5,000 throughout February. Unity is ALKU’s Employee Resource Group (ERG), a group for employees of color at ALKU to share experiences, provide fellowship and support, enhance career and personal development, and contribute to ALKU’s vision and values.    

ALKU did not stop there. On Valentine’s Day, ALKU sold Candygrams, and all profits went directly to specific organizations in honor of Black History Month. Around this time, ALKU sent out an internal newsletter highlighting why Black History Month is essential to ALKU and how we celebrate this month.    

ALKU wrapped up Black History Month with a powerful open meeting held by Unity. Members of Unity shared personal stories, role models, history, and much more. This was a time for the ALKrew to unite and come together. 

For the ALKrew, Black History Month was a time to reflect on the history and achievements of the Black community. ALKU can’t wait to celebrate Black History Month again next year in 2024!