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Black History Month Recap

March 01, 2022


February is Black History Month, during this time we reflect on the history and achievements of the African American community both past and present. The ALKrew celebrated all month long from open Employee Resource Group (ERG) meetings, supporting amazing black owned businesses and so much more. We can’t wait to continue diversifying ALKU all year round!

Throughout Black History Month, ALKU shared testimonials from members of ALKU’s Unity ERG on what Black History Month means to them. These testimonials were shared every week internally and featured on all ALKU social media platforms.

ALKU’s Unity ERG also kicked off the month by streaming music showcased by the first African American Female to headline Coachella! Beyoncé’s “Homecoming” is a celebration of black culture. Homecoming is a famous annual celebration at Historically Black Colleges and Universities around the U.S.

Additionally, ALKU’s Pride Group held an open meeting where they viewed and discussed “Paris is Burning”. This documentary highlights the black transgender community in the early 90’s and how the underground ballroom community plays an enormous role in pop culture today.

Towards the end of the month, the ALKrew enjoyed an amazing lunch catered by a local Black Owned Business. This was a fan favorite as the food was incredibly delicious! Aside from the lunch, ALKU also sipped on coffee from a local black owned business all week long. Both the lunch and coffee were held in all 4 offices!

Wrapping up ALKU’s Black History Month Celebration, Unity held an open companywide meeting with cupcakes from Miss Vickie Parkers. During this time members shared personal stories, role models, history and much more.

For the ALKrew, Black History Month was a time to reflect on the history and achievements of the African American community. Here at ALKU, we are consciously working to diversify the vendors and suppliers we are using and continue to support local businesses around our offices year-round! ALKU can’t wait to celebrate Black History Month again next year in 2023!