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Black History Month Spotlight: Aliesha Grandison

February 07, 2024


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ALKU’s UNITY Employee Resource Group (ERG) is for employees of color at ALKU to share experiences, provide fellowship and support, enhance career and personal development, and contribute to ALKU’s vision and values. Among the ERG’s Leadership team is College Relationship Specialist (CRS), Aliesha Grandison. She stands out as a driving force, spearheading efforts both within UNITY and DE&I recruitment on campuses.

UNITY’s Leadership

Aliesha, alongside Caree Pitts and Elvis Bisono, leads UNITY with a vision to engage and excite members. Initiatives such as collaborative events with ALKU’s DREAM ERG, a Snowport outing, and introducing icebreakers in meetings have contributed to a vibrant and supportive community. This year, they aim to grow UNITY’s community by adding new members, giving individuals their flowers, highlighting their achievements, and enhancing the community by offering mentorship and fundraising for external local communities.

On Campus

Aliesha’s role extends beyond UNITY; as a CRS, she is actively engaging in DE&I-focused recruitment on campuses. Her passion in DE&I recruiting lies in being the role model she wished for as a first-generation student. Aliesha is dedicated to showing up as an ally, providing guidance on professional development, and offering transformative career opportunities. Through this, she plays a pivotal role in shaping the futures of the students she interacts with.

A Day in the Life

As a College Relationship Specialist, no two days are the same for Aliesha. Her role involves managing relationships with school contacts, planning logistics and hosting events, brainstorming creative engagement ideas, and supporting students through ALKU’s application process. When she’s not traveling to core schools, Aliesha has her sights set on the growth of UNITY’s community.

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