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Bob Cordaro Promoted to Senior Sales Director, Medical Device

November 14, 2023


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Since joining ALKU in 2016, Bob has been a crucial driving force behind the Medical Device brand’s growth. He has been able to implement strategy and initiatives in an ever-changing client landscape. A true ALKU all-star, Bob started as Recruiting Manager in Med RA, where his hard work allowed him to move to the other side of the desk and become a sales leader. Due to his consistent growth and determination, Bob learned the ins and outs of sales, receiving his well-deserved Director promotion. Thanks to his motivating guidance and leadership, he established ALKU’s Med brand as a thriving and trend-setting group. Bob has orchestrated multiple splits and mergers for ALKU that were incredibly smart, effective business moves to help promote a culture of growth. A true leader, he is constantly working with the future growth of his brand in mind.

A key component of ALKU’s Have Fun Working Hard® culture, Bob is an employee who is always willing to participate in and attend all ALKU events. Regardless of the group or scenario, he will step up in any event or initiative to offer his help and give his all. Within his group, Bob has held his people accountable while simultaneously building a welcoming culture and trust that promotes the growth of the “family” in the Medical Device world. Currently, Bob is responsible for the growth and direction of all Medical Devices teams. In this new role, he will be responsible for their continued growth, development of new leaders, and identification of new opportunities within the Medical Devices world. Congratulations, Bob! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“We can never have enough of Bob Cordaro in the Andover office. He is the heartbeat of the Medical Device Sales team. You would be hard-pressed to find a more reliable, dedicated leader than Bob. I’ve never met someone so incredibly willing to do whatever it takes to achieve the most for his brand and people. There are responsibilities and projects that Bob has unexpectedly put on his place as a Director, and every single time, he has delivered. Bob has always been the agent of change and the driving force behind Medical Devices growth. He has never wavered in his belief that there is a formula of what makes us great, and he has stayed true to that in all the roles he has held, even with all the changes we have adopted as a company. Bob can do all this while celebrating all the successes for everyone along the way. What also gets little recognition and credit is the path that Bob is blazing on the Account Manager side of the desk for the rest of the company. Since Medical Device is as large as it is, Bob has had to be at the frontier of things we have yet to face in other divisions or as a company. He has been the one we can use as an example and learn from what “best practices” are for groups of certain sizes. Bob does all of this with confidence and a smile; he is passionate about making us great, and we are great because people like Bob lead the way for us. So, today, we can flip the script and celebrate the guy who celebrates everyone else’s successes… cause once you get him going, I’m sure he will finally admit he’s pretty good at this staffing leadership thing. Congratulations, Bob! Like every other promotion, you have fully earned and deserve this one. I am proud and lucky to call you the Sr. Director of Medical Device Sales. Thank you for all you do every single day.” – Vice President, Life Sciences and Government, David Esteves

“Bob has embodied the ALKU mindset and process since his first day as an employee. Watching Bob evolve from a top-notch producer to a top-notch leader has been inspiring. He puts his people first and keeps his standards high. Bob has become a leader, strategist, and executor at a high level. Please join me in congratulating Bob’s promotion to the Sr. Director ranks. Cheers to Bob!” – President, Andrew Bull

“I could not be more fortunate to have a partner like Bob. Since we began working together in 2020, I came to realize quickly that I hit the jackpot. He comes to work every single day with passion and intention, and everyone around him feels that. People gravitate to Bob all the time because they know he will always be a lending ear with insightful advice. There are a few different sides to him too; data Bob, fired-up Bob, goofy Bob, and chill Bob. But all versions of Bob are awesome, because genuinely he cares so much. I am so thankful to work so closely with someone who brings such passion to all aspects of the job, in good times or bad.

Bob, this promotion is so so so well deserved, and just a pit stop in a long thriving career. I am impressed every day by how hard you work. You make Med leadership better, you make ALKU leadership better and in turn make the entire company better. Thank you for everything you do, cheers to Senior Director!” – Senior Recruiting Director, Medical Device, Patty Phillips