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Brandon Purdy Promoted to Senior Government Engineering Services Resource Manager

June 14, 2023


Brandon started his ALKU career as an Intern and began full-time in June 2021. Brandon is an essential Recruiter to the Government Engineering Services group and ALKU as a whole. He is the perfect example of a successful Recruiter for his group to look up to. The Account Managers in his group rely on him as the go-to Recruiter for providing strong candidates for their jobs.  

Outside his day-to-day role, Brandon continues to go above and beyond for his team’s happy hours and holiday parties. He regularly lifts the mood in the office, constantly brings energy, and gets his team excited to work in the office together.  

In his new role, Brandon will be responsible for consistently setting the tone and example for other Recruiters in the Government Engineering Services group and the Government brand as a whole. He will be expected to remain consistent with his positive attitude on the floor and lead the group as the go-to Recruiter for generating new business with newer Account Managers. 

Congratulations, Brandon! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role! 

“Oh man, the day has finally come. Brandon Purdy is officially the first Gov ES Senior Recruiter!  You’ve come such a long way from your first week here pretending not to know that we went to the same high school…anyways!  I am tremendously proud to have the opportunity to work with such a terrific human, a true stud when it comes to staffing. You should be incredibly proud of the growth you’ve had over these past two years, both professionally and personally. Your work ethic, natural talent, and goldfish-loving self could not be more deserving of this promotion. He is the perfect person for newer Recruiters to emulate! 

You are always the person I can count on to be everyone’s biggest cheerleader and greatest competition on the floor. The commitment you have to better yourself and the impact you have on those around you to raise their personal standards is truly admirable. We can always count on you to lead the charge of ripping late-night calls and rallying everyone to make one more dial before heading out for the day.   

I am incredibly proud of you and grateful to have you on my team.  I can’t wait to see everything else you are going to accomplish in your career.  Congrats Purdy!” – Recruiting Manager, Government Engineering Services, Jackie Petras 

“Purdy! I cannot believe it’s been two years! From JMU Intern to Senior Gov ES Recruiter! I have loved seeing you grow & develop here from working in your parents’ basement over Zoom, and now you are all grown up living on your own in a bouje corner unit! You are one of the hardest-working, motivated, and competitive people I have had the pleasure of working with. You are someone who cares so much about the job, the group, and the success of the brand. You will do anything and everything to make a deal work. And you are the easiest person to point to and say, “Hey, just do what Brandon is doing!”. You are a core part of the G-Unit, ES, and one of the easiest people to root for.  

I do still find it crazy that you refuse to buy new polos, splurge on anything outside of the necessities, and still fuel off 3-4 bananas a day – but hey, to each their own!  

You were one of my first mentees and now ES’ first Senior Recruiter – from Intern to working in a startup, helping that start-up grow over 100% in a year, to Senior Recruiter. Purdy, I am so incredibly proud of what you have accomplished in a mere two years, and I cannot wait to see what you do next for yourself & Gov! I think this means you’re in your bag, right? Slayyyy!” – Senior Recruiting Manager, Government, Kayla Jones 

“PURDYYYYYY!  From Harrisonburg Intern superstar to fulltime Gov ES recruiting superstar.  Since day one, Brandon has been grinding to do whatever it takes to hit his goals. When he sets his sights on something, there is nothing that can get in his way. Brandon is a model of consistency.  He is the perfect example of exactly what can happen if you come to work every day with the attitude and work ethic to get things done. I’ve seen Brandon scream with joy and go through all of the frustrations that can come with this job.  Through it all, he continues to show his passion, dedication, and drive to be truly great.  There is nothing better than hearing a loud “C’MON!” ring through the office that lets everyone know he just had a great achievement. Congrats on the promotion to Senior. Can’t wait to see what is in store for you next!” – Sales Manager, Government Engineering, Brendan Bagnato