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Brian Mader Promoted to Billing Manager, Life Sciences and Government

May 06, 2024


Since starting his ALKU career in 2019 as a Government Billing Intern, Brian’s incredible impact on the Billing team and ALKU as a company has become impossible to ignore. After joining full-time in 2020 as a Government Billing Administrator, Brian made a name for himself as the backbone of the Billing team. In 2021, he transitioned to Life Science Billing Administrator, where he’s become a mentor and leader to all coworkers, supporting them through highs and lows while empowering them to be the best they can be. As someone who is always going out of his way to make others laugh and keep morale high, Brian’s positive energy is infectious, and every employee who works with him knows that he is just as hardworking as he is kind. Whether revamping processes and meetings to make them run more efficiently or developing future ALKU all-stars, it’s no secret that Brian consistently strives for the best for himself, his team, and the entire company. 

Outside his direct role, Brian is always the first to participate in company and team volunteer opportunities and events. He is hardworking, incredibly friendly, and always knows how to brighten up a room or make someone’s day. With such a positive impact on those around him, Brian was selected to be a presenter for ALKU’s 2023 Corporate Brannual, where he led the pillar-wide meeting with a contagious optimism and passion for motivation. He is the exact type of employee you want on your team – always smiling, putting his head down to work, and listening whenever someone needs to chat. In his new role, Brian will be the main point of contact for all escalations in the Billing Life Sciences and Government world while continuing to develop new processes for both divisions and working with the Accounts Receivable, Purchase Order, and Cash teams to resolve issues that arise. 

“B, where do I begin? First off, I want to say thank you. You’ve been beyond patient this entire process without making a single complaint. You’ve always strived to be a better worker and look for any new opportunity approaching you. This promotion is so deserving. So many people will be surprised that you weren’t already a Manager because you’ve always acted like one. You have grown so much from your Intern days (I will save the stories just for our team) and it’s been so fun to help you along your journey here. This is just the next step, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for you and the LifeSci/Gov teams. I honestly would be lost without ya. We’ve had so many complicated scenarios and issues that we’ve resolved together, and I couldn’t be where I am today without you, too! Most of all, we’ve had so many laughs, and I can’t wait to continue having Brian-Stories. Congrats on a much-deserved promo; we’ll celebrate with the nice champagne flutes in a couple of months!” – Billing Manager, Kelsey Smith 

“Brian Mader! Brian has been an integral member of the Billing team going back to his Intern days in 2019. From working on the Gov side as an Intern to transitioning to Life Sciences, Brian has never skipped a beat. With his ‘know-how’ of all the complexities of LifeSci Billing and his rapport with Account Managers and other Corporate groups, no tricky situation is impossible. Brian is also the master of finding new ideas to keep things fun. Whether it’s trivia, guess that song, or bringing in a grilled cheese toaster for a team lunch, Brian’s the man! To the man with many emojis – congratulations, Brian!”- Purchase Order Manager, Casey Loughlin 

“BRIAN!!! What an exciting promotion for our company! I’ve had the pleasure of working with you for the past three years and more closely since switching to the sales side. When I met you, it was obvious you were someone who represents our Have Fun Working Hard® attitude and culture and who people naturally enjoy being around and learning from. It’s obvious you take your position seriously and have committed so much time and effort to build a career here. Still, you also know when it’s important to genuinely ask someone how they are doing or throw in that extra riddle during Billing meetings. You have contributed so much to our success in Revenue over the years, and we’re very thankful to have a Corporate partner like you! Congratulations on this promotion, and cheers to you!”- Senior Sales Manager, Pharmaceutical, Meghan McCarthy