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Brian Shirley Promoted to Recruiting Manager, Medical Device QA

April 15, 2024


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Brian started his ALKU career as a Medical Device QVC Recruiting Intern. Through his determination and drive to grow and succeed, he has since received ALKU’s Recruiter of the Month Award multiple times, claimed the title of Recruiter of the Year in 2022, hit a spread high while on his roadmap, and has implemented endless successful strategic changes within Medical Device QA. Throughout his three years at ALKU, he has always made it abundantly clear how much he loves the idea of management and being a leader within the company. Brian is described by his team as “one of the most self-aware, hardworking employees” to work with. He is someone who is always pushing himself to the next level, asking for more opportunities, and suggesting new creative ideas to better his group. Since beginning his journey to leadership, Brian has grown his team immensely in spread. His growth within the last year is impossible to ignore, and his teammates confidently agree that Brian has forever changed Med QA’s culture for the better.

When he’s not on the floor supporting his team and keeping the energy up, Brian can be found embodying ALKU’s Have Fun Working Hard® attitude while giving back to those around him. Through visiting multiple training centers and sitting as a guest in multiple ERG meetings, he has asserted himself as an employee who is always willing to lend a helping hand to those around him. In his new role, Brian will be responsible for supporting and overseeing the Medical Device QA Recruiting team, continuing to act as a leader for those around him and helping his team reach new levels of success.

“BRI!!! WOW WOW WOW, we made it to the finish line. I could not be more overjoyed, proud, and excited for you to take over! For the past year, I’ve had the honor to have you as my right hand, and you have continued to impress me every day since. Your fresh ideas, no bullsh*t persona, and pure dedication to everyone you work with are unmatched. It has already brought QA to new heights, and I cannot imagine the things you’ll do in the future. Bri, thank you so much for being YOU, period. Having claimed Recruiter of the Year, countless LifeSci Recruiter of the Month awards, a spread high on your Roadmap, AND already growing your people spread you are unmatched and have separated yourself at a company level over and over again. QA LOVES YOU, BRI! You are truly an inspiration to us all and the most deserving person I know of this title. I wouldn’t want to replace myself with anyone else. KEEP BEING YOU; we’re about to take over the world!! <3” – Recruiting Manager, Medical Device QA, Desiree Drummond-Mayrie

“Brian Shirley!!! I am so proud of you, my man! Since day one, you have always done the right thing and always strived to make yourself better in any way possible. That is the thing I like most about you (there’s a lot) – but the fact that you do not shy away from feedback, good or bad, and always work to apply it in an effective and efficient way. You have reached incredible personal success here at ALKU in such a short time. To manage a successful and growing group, all while maintaining your own spread and helping develop multiple recruiters to find success early in their careers is no easy feat. Yet, you show up every day and fight to prove why you deserve the responsibility of it all. Also, you care so much about your people’s success and ALKU’s success as a whole. I have heard you say ‘what’s best for the brand’ more than most! You are an incredible business-minded leader, hard-working, self-motivated, and the list goes on and on. I guess what I am trying to say is that you have earned this and more. I’m so excited for your future and where you will bring Med QA. Don’t change, stay hungry, and a round of golf on me!!” – Recruiting Director, Medical Device, Alex Parenteau

“Talk about an awesome promotion. It is such an honor to have Brian Shirley on our Leadership team. From the day he started, he has never wavered from the 100% effort he gives Med QA. You can feel his energy and presence every day, and it’s a remarkable and impressive thing to see. The attention to detail and the strategy that Brian brings to the job are truly unlike anything I’ve seen in a long time in Medical Device recruiting. We need someone like Brian leading the charge, someone who sees the bigger picture and isn’t afraid to say what he thinks is necessary to get the job done right. Brian has proven he knows how to develop a strong recruiting desk by firstly getting HIMSELF to success but also by helping several members (and many more to come) significantly grow their spread.

He is so talented, and I look forward to watching him share that talent with the rest of QA and the rest of the company. Brian, thank you for everything you do, and thank you for keeping my toes. Some days, I think I have you all figured out, and then some days, you clap back at me with some awesome sarcastic remarks that keep me guessing. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Keep on keeping on, Mr. Manager Brian Shirley!! Congratulations!!” – Senior Recruiting Director, Medical Device, Patricia Phillips