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Brian Ward Promoted to Pharmaceutical Technical Engineering and Validation Recruiting Manager 

August 25, 2022


Brian is continuously leading by example day in and day out. He is incredibly reliable, dependable, and truly cares about his success, his team’s success, and ALKU’s success.   

Brian has done an incredible job establishing a culture in the Pharmaceutical group. He pushes those around him to work as hard as possible and reminds them that good things will come. His famous quote is, “You create your own luck”. He truly lives by this motto every day. He is easygoing and gets those around him to laugh even on the tough days.   

In his new role, Brian will help to establish a clear split between Pharmaceutical to Quality and Pharmaceutical  Technical Engineering & Validation. He will mentor four new recruiters while maintaining and identifying new areas for growth.   

Congratulations, Brian! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!  

“LFGGGGGGG BWARD!!! I am beyond excited about this well-deserved promotion to Pharmaceutical TE&V Recruiting Manager. I had the pleasure of mentoring you from day one, and man, did you make me look good. You came in, worked extremely hard, bought into our process, and most importantly, established a culture in Pharma QVC. You were constantly the first one in the office and, for sure, the last one to leave. You did everything we could ask of you with your full effort and to the best of your ability. When you told me about a month into the job, you wanted to be a manager, I may have told you to pump the break a bit, but I knew you belonged in leadership at some point in your career. And the time has FINALLY come. You have a unique ability to lead, mentor, and show others the trail that you blazed before them. Your employees love you. You lead by example and would never ask someone to do something that you haven’t already done yourself. I am so excited, proud, and grateful for everything you have done for Pharma, and I cannot wait to see how high you take Pharma TE&V. I hope the Bud Lights taste colder and the My Chemical Romance blasts a little louder tonight. CONGRATS BEANS!!!!” -Nate Hoffman  

Man, oh man, am I excited for this promotion. Brian Ward – you truly have done everything asked of you and more over the last three years. You come into the office every day and demand excellence from yourself and your team & it is no surprise that TE&V has had such success already! One of the best decisions that Pharma has ever made was choosing you in the draft. I still remember the days you were interning up at UMass, and I would get a phone call from you the second your shift started, eagerly asking me what you should be working on and what you could be doing to improve from the previous shift. To this day, you are still that person so dedicated to getting better at your craft that you are consistently asking everyone around you for feedback. Not only do you ask for feedback, but you implement that feedback and put it into action. You truly earned this, and I know this promotion will not surprise anyone in the companyCongrats, Beans – enjoy all of the celebrations this week.” -Tyler Boyle  

“Many know him as BEANS, even more know him as BWARD, and some even know him as the co-lead guitarist of the hottest new band BWB, but before all this, Brian Ward was introduced to our Pharma QVC team about three years ago. We may not have realized it then, but we had just struck absolute gold! Coming from the UMASS TC already having a name for himself as a head-down grinder, our recruiting team was excited to inherit more competition. He has held to his reputation from the start. He has molded himself into the go-to recruiter for the Pharm – coming in early, leaving late, building solid relationships, and sniping those hard-to-fill jobs (even beating out Carolynn here and there). Brian has always believed in the ‘Create Your Own Luck’ mindset. No matter how many times he has crushed his numbers and still got beat out or stayed late to fill times and snag an offer that somehow fell through, he has always kept a positive attitude, maintained a proactive approach to his desk, and created his luck. Not only has Bward assisted in facilitating the split of one of the company’s largest divisions, but he has also become an inspiration for all of the recruiters he has mentored. Undoubtedly, he will continue to do that as the Pharmaceutical TE&V Recruiting Manager. Cheers Bward! So very proud of you and excited to see all the amazing things you will do!” – Meg McCarthy