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Brody Fields Promoted to Sales Manager, Cerner

September 11, 2023


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Brody started his full-time ALKU career as a Cerner Account Manager in May 2021. After starting at one of the worst times during the thick of the pandemic, Brody put his all into his work and continued to learn as much as he could. He never gave up and continued to trust and follow the ALKU process. His hard work paid off when Brody closed an incredible amount of deals in 2022 and entered 2023 with a spread high. By March 2023, his spread grew to a new personal high for him and he claimed the second-highest spread high in ALKU history. Through his determination to push himself to new heights, Brody has shown his ability to teach and develop others while running his own desk. This year, Brody is number one in the company for deals closed. To say Brody is an ALKU superstar would be a huge understatement, as his stats and personality prove time and time again that he is a core member of our company.

In the past year, Brody has shown tremendous growth in his personal sales career and leadership development journey. As someone who takes direction well and does not get flustered easily, Brody’s leadership has been beyond impressed with his ability to remain calm in high-pressure situations. He has proven to be a natural leader through serving as a Mentor to Account Manager Allie Kantrovitz. Last week, Allie hit a spread high, proving Brody’s advice and mentorship’s positive impact on her. Not only has he played a vital role in helping Allie grow her spread, but he also took on a lot more responsibility by adding another Account Manager to his team and mentoring two Account Manager Interns. Throughout this responsibility and adaptability, Brody always remains consistent and highly organized. It’s clear to say that Brody is a natural-born leader, and he thoroughly enjoys helping lead the division to become the best of the best.

Through his ability to create a positive work environment, Brody is a very supportive leader who genuinely gets to know his employees. He can build relationships quickly and connects easily with those around him, making him an all-around very likable person that people gravitate towards. Brody is very hardworking and cares about doing his job correctly and well. Always willing to lend a hand, he is selfless and constantly ready to step in for his colleagues when needed. His confidence and demeanor are ideal for leading his group; through his determination and approachability, people look up to him and admire his ability to get a job done right and keep his relationships strong. At the end of the day, Brody wants all of his employees and coworkers to succeed, and he never hesitates to motivate others and constructively offer his support.

In his new role as Cerner Sales Manager, Brody will be responsible for managing four Cerner Account Managers and continuing to grow the Cerner division. Congratulations, Brody! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“BRODYYYYYYYY!!!! 2023 will go down as the year you solidified yourself as one of the top Account Managers at ALKU and etched your name in ALKU’s history books!! Add this promotion to your list, and this is working out to be the best year in your professional career. I’m just lucky to have had a front-row seat watching you accomplish all of this! To say I am SO PROUD of you is an understatement!

To think back on your early days, I am SO LUCKY you took a chance with me and stuck it out! You started at ALKU in May 2021 during one of the most trying and challenging times, especially in the HCIT brand, where we were still dealing with the negative impact of COVID on our business unit. While Account Managers were leaving the team left and right due to what became normal significant challenges and struggles, you came in with a fresh, positive outlook and stayed focused and committed to your goals. It would be a lie to say it was easy for you, but you trusted in me and followed the ALKU process to a tee. In 2022, your hard work started to pay off. You started solidifying yourself as one of our team’s most dependable, reliable Account Managers.

Fast forward to this year, and you started making a name for yourself as one of the best Account Managers at ALKU. While you’ve shown you are DAMN GOOD at being a sales professional, you made significant strides while on a Roadmap and solidified yourself as a strong leader in Cerner.

What I love the most about you as a leader is that you always go above and beyond to ensure your team is supported and in a place to succeed. Whether day or night, you will pick up your phone for anyone and offer a helping hand. You genuinely get to know and care about your employees, which helps create a positive work environment. You are an all-around great guy! People gravitate towards you. You are incredibly hardworking and care about doing the job right and doing it well. You make work fun while also making it known we have a job to do. Your confidence and demeanor are ideal for leading this group of individuals. Even in the most trying situations, I am in awe (and very jealous!) of your cool, calm, collected approach to the job. You are a true lead-by-example manager.

Brody – you couldn’t be more deserving of this promotion! I have loved working alongside you, and I am super excited to see what the rest of your career holds for you here. Congratulations, my friend!!!” – Sales Manager, Cerner, Rachel Farmer

“Brody Fields: The Man, The Myth, The Legend. While Brody’s pickup basketball skills may be lacking, his staffing skills damn sure are not. He is the epitome of a leader – calm, cool, collected, confident, reliable, hard-working, positive, dependable, responsible… the list goes on and on. Ever since I began working with Brody in May 2021, I knew I was working with someone extremely talented. I thought Brody had years of experience under his belt. He has absolutely crushed his time here at ALKU and has set such a strong example for so many to follow. When I think of a leader and the ideal person to work alongside, I think of Brody Fields.

Brody routinely goes above and beyond for this team and always puts others before himself. I know if I ask something of Brody, he will get it done and get it done well. Brody consistently rises to the challenge, and the monumental impact that he has had on this group in only a few years cannot be understated. He commands respect because of his qualities, continues to impress, and somehow manages to get better every day he walks in the door.

Not only all of this, but Brody is one of the most well-liked in the office. People enjoy being around Brody; he is undeniably such an essential piece to the culture we have built and are continuing to build in Charlotte. I consider Brody a brother to me and someone I know has my and the team’s best interests in mind 100% of the time. There is quite literally not a more perfect fit for leadership than Brody Fields.

Congratulations, Brody! This is extremely well-deserved, and I couldn’t be happier for you. People naturally gravitate to you because of your leadership traits, and it has been incredible seeing the Cerner team look up to you as the next leader in the group. You are now officially helping steer the company’s largest division to new heights, and I couldn’t ask for a better counterpart and teammate. You earned this, Brody – congratulations one more time, brother!” – Recruiting Manager, Cerner, Adam Johnson

“I’m not sure anyone has had a better 2023 than Brody Fields. The soon-to-be father has led the company in deals all year long, smashed his own spread highs, and helped drive up the spread of everyone he’s mentored. Brody has stepped up as a leader in all aspects of his role. The expectations are always sky-high for Cerner, and I couldn’t be more impressed with how he has handled becoming a leader. Our brand, and ALKU as a whole, is lucky to have a leader with as much passion and dedication to be great joining our leadership team. While Florida State may never reach the highs of championship-level football again, Brody certainly has no ceiling on his future growth. I am excited to witness Brody become one of the best leaders we have; cheers and congratulations!” – Vice President, Healthcare IT & Cybersecurity, David Tuell