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Caleb Godin Promoted to Senior Medical Device RA Recruiter

August 21, 2023


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Caleb started his ALKU career in November 2020, during a pandemic and working out of an apartment complex’s printing room. A true testament to trusting the process, Caleb used his time to grind out his work and learn as much as possible, eventually being promoted to Manager and launching his leadership career. A hard worker through and through, it took Caleb sixteen interviews before he closed his first deal, establishing himself as a dedicated Recruiter and someone committed to the ALKU cause of Having Fun and Working Hard

Outside his role, Caleb always goes above and beyond to extend his advice and assistance to those around him. A team player through and through, he is always willing to give suggestions, provide feedback, and lend a hand to the Leadership team. He has excellent internal relationships with ALKU employees of all pillars, making him a friendly face around the office who is always willing to support and cheer on others. Caleb has been a critical mentor to all drafted Interns on the Medical Device brand, helping with their development and growth by assisting them on calls and meetings. He is also responsible for supporting the leadership team to develop new road-mapped Managers and help grow the future of ALKU.

In his new role as Senior Medical Device RA Recruiter, Caleb will be responsible for helping with the development and growth of the Med RA brand and Medical Device as a whole. He will serve as the right-hand man to the Medical Device Leadership team and will continue driving business and setting the bar high for all future Recruiters. Congratulations, Caleb! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“It is cool to see the growth and the development of Caleb Godin – not just as a Recruiter but as a professional. I recruited Caleb to work here and start the Med Reg Sci division recruiting team at the end of 2020. He came in more fearless and hungrier than I had ever seen someone. Fast forward two years, we were put in a position to split into a division, and Caleb played a crucial role in that. Caleb has a knack for talent and loves a challenge. A couple of requirements are required to be a Senior Recruiter in my eyes – dependability, talent, consistency, and a sense of humor. Caleb checks all those boxes. The only person wittier and more sarcastic would be his manager! In all seriousness, this is a huge accomplishment and a very well-deserved promotion. Caleb knows what it takes to do this job at a high level, and I look forward to not just watching him close deals in his future but also being a key piece to the growth and success of the teams he supports. I am proud and happy to see what the future holds for you!” – Senior Recruiting Manager, Medical Device, Logan Blake

“Caleb is easily one of the most talented Recruiters in the company. Before the Med RS split, he was a staple in one of the strongest recruiting teams this company has ever seen. Since the split of Med RA/CA, Caleb has dominated the RA market by owning some of the top talent in the industry while passing over some incredible talent to our CA team. He did this all with a great attitude and approach to the job. He is very tactical and smart with his time here. He prioritizes recruiting top-level talent while developing incredibly strong relationships in the meantime. Caleb is also one of the first to step up any time someone new starts on the team. He constantly goes out of his way to share his recruiting knowledge to help his team. In recent months, he has begun running various Life Science recruiter meetings. Caleb will be the backbone of Med RA for years to come, and I am excited to see what he accomplishes in his Senior role! Congrats, Caleb!” – Senior Recruiting Manager, Medical Device, Alex Parenteau

“Caleb joined Med RS right after we split Regsci and he made an immediate impact. His innate ability to pick things up very quickly, coupled with his work ethic made him a dangerous Recruiter. Caleb goes out of his way to help people on the team and always comes through in the clutch when you need to fill an open time. I cannot think of any attributes that Caleb doesn’t possess that you would want in a Senior Recruiter. Congrats on your well-deserved promotion, Caleb, and I look forward to working with you for years to come!!” – Sales Manager, Medical Device Regulatory & Clinical Affairs, John Barrett