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Cam Dixon Promoted to Medical Device Business Development Manager

August 10, 2022


Cameron was a University of New Hampshire ALKU Intern who transitioned to a Full-Time ALKU employee post-graduation. He started as a recruiter and transitioned to sales for better support. Since day one, Cam has emphasized the importance of internal relationships. He goes out of his way daily to get to know the rapidly growing ALKrew. This includes individuals in other divisions as well as corporate and talent employees.   

Cam is incredibly hard working and is viewed as a role model by those around him. He is a team player who consistently leads by example day in and day out. Cam knows how to energize his team and keep the spirit alive. He sets the bar high while being fun and lighthearted. Additionally, Cam never shies away from speaking up in meetings, taking on new volunteer opportunities, and never says no to anything that comes his way.   

As a Medical Device Business Development Manager, Cam will continue to use his sales expertise to penetrate existing accounts and be an ally to the leadership team for new markets. He will set the pace for what a successful Account Manager embodies and use his talents to support other Account Managers at ALKU.   

Congratulations, Cam! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!  

“I’m running out of quotes for Cam Dixon at the pace he’s going with his promotions. I enjoy seeing someone so talented, and hard-working get the recognition they deserve. From his intern days at UNH, Cam has always given us his 100%. He might arguably be one of the most ambitious employees I have ever had the privilege of managing. Every day he shows up and sets the pace for everyone else on the team. He challenges them to the best version they could be while always self-reflecting and working on himself. Med QVC has been extremely lucky to have had Cam in their corner, and now the other Med divisions will be able to benefit from his talents. In this new role, Cam will continue to penetrate new clients & markets while supporting other AMs to follow in his footsteps. On top of being talented and a hard worker, Cam embodies the ALKU culture. He brings the fun, the passion, and the energy. He constantly motivates others around him and will never ask someone to do something he’s not willing to do himself. Med is beyond excited for Cam and this new opportunity! We love you, Cam; enjoy this well-deserved promotion with some bud lights!” – Kristina Kent  

“One of Cam’s most impressive traits always on display is his ability to take on any challenge and succeed.  When Cam switched from recruiting to sales, he quickly established himself as a dependable account manager for Med-QVC that could be trusted and relied on for growth. His ability to develop and cultivate relationships is constantly displayed and reflected in his spread growth!  Cam’s laser-focused approach has made him one of the top sales experts at ALKU and what will be an outstanding addition to the BDM world!  Congrats on your promotion; we are excited to watch this next chapter unfold!” – Dave Bruner  

“Every other week, we celebrate yet another achievement for Cam Dixon. Rightfully so because what Cam has accomplished, not just this year but for his career, has been nothing short of special. Cam has been everything we could have asked for as a leadership team. He’s not only a force to be reckoned with on the phones, but he’s also a constant ally to both leadership and those around him with whom he works daily. If you were to walk through Med’s side of the office, chances are you’d hear Cam in some fashion.  Cam is always bringing positive energy to the team. Cam will be one of the most successful BDMs we’ve seen to date, his ability to look out for those around him and his investment to grow his desk and the entire Med Device team. Cam – I couldn’t be more excited for you. Bud lights on you soon!” – Anthony Fratturelli