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Cameron Cordaro Promoted to Recruiting Manager, Medical Device

April 24, 2024


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Cameron started his ALKU career in 2021 within the Medical Device TE&V division. Hitting the ground running, he quickly grew his spread and earned an opportunity to join the Med RS division with the potential to become a future Recruiting Manager. After joining ALKU’s Futures Program in 2022, Cameron sacrificed everything he had built in his prior role to start from scratch in a new division in Med RS. He was more than willing to take the risk to challenge himself and his career growth, and needless to say, his hard work paid off. Since joining Med RS, he has grown his spread as a Divisional Manager. With his natural leadership skills and ability to motivate his people, the work Cameron puts into his role reflects the success of his people.

Cameron is a significant contributor to his team’s culture. His infectious, positive attitude keeps morale up, and he handles challenging situations with a smile. Someone who never hesitates to take charge and own accountability, he instills those same morals in his team and consistently coaches them to be the best they can be within their roles. From playing a massive part in the success of drafted Interns, to always being willing to offer his help for any company events, Cameron is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure ALKU is thriving within his reach. In his new role, Cameron will be responsible for helping manage the Med RS Recruiting team. He will oversee the development and growth of Recruiters while navigating the team’s future success.

“I started working with Cam towards the end of 2022 when we took Cam from the Futures Program with the intention for him to become one of ALKU’s next future recruiting leaders. This required him to drop his recruiting base, start from scratch, and learn an entirely new skillset just so he could get a shot at a leadership opportunity. Shortly after his arrival, Med RA had the hardest year we ever had and really struggled to grow. Cam, being the person he is, did not care; he worked hard, put his head down, and kept a positive attitude the entire time. Not once did he complain or give up…

Fast forward to this year, Cam has now helped two employees achieve spread highs, helped merge a division, and will be responsible for developing the next wave of talented Recruiters here. I highly recommend anyone to talk to Cam about his ALKU journey because it was far from easy, haha. In all seriousness, Cam, you have worked so hard to get to this point in your career and I am very proud of the type of leader you have become. I look forward to the success you bring yourself and those around you in the very near future! RS is back and stronger than ever now!” – Senior Recruiting Manager, Medical Device RS, Logan Blake

“Cam! Congratulations on your promotion to Med RS Recruiting Manager! Cam came in with his head down and reached a spread high very quickly. He was, without a doubt, showing signs of a leader early on, and shortly after joined the Futures Program. Med RS had an opening, and we did not shy away from letting Cam know the task ahead of him. Lauren Morse spoke so highly of Cam’s attitude and his work ethic, and within the first couple of days, we saw what the hype was about.

Cam led from the front with metrics and won over the team. Med RA had its most difficult year to date. Cam kept the mood light and found ways to make the team better, even without a ton of jobs on the board.  He has grown multiple recruiters and is always working with Account Managers to drive business. You and Joe work so well together, I am excited to see what the future holds. The Cordaro name is held in high regard, but you have made one hell of a name for yourself. Congrats again! #shortkingsup!” – Senior Sales Manager, Medical Device RS, John Barrett

“MY MAN!! I am not even sure where to begin with Cam. He is one of the most selfless leaders we have and a true definition of a team player through and through. Cam trusted the people around him almost two years ago when we asked him to switch groups and take on a leadership opportunity in a group that was foreign to him. Without hesitation, he jumped two feet in and gained the trust, respect, and admiration of us and the team around him. Every day, through the good and bad, he shows up with a smile on his face and tries to get better and do everything the right way. The past year was filled with some highs and lows but because of this – I know Cam is going to be one of the best leaders this company has for a long time. He’s a great employee, a great leader, and an even better person. We are lucky to have him in Med and I know he is going to do great things with this new title and responsibility! Proud of you and congratulations, Cam!!” – Recruiting Director, Medical Device, Alex Parenteau