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Cameron Dixon Promoted to Senior Medical Device QVC Account Manager

March 08, 2022


Cameron Dixon started his career at ALKU in 2019. He was an extremly successful Recruiter and eventually switched over to the sales side as an Account Manager. Cameron is incredibly hard working, talented and an asset to the team!

Cameron is viewed as a role model and inspires those around him daily. New Account Managers constantly shout him out as an inspiration. He runs the Life Sciences round up, has attended DE&I and volunteers to visit Training Centers. Additionally, Cameron helps build the future of ALKU and is the first to participate in any companywide meeting.

In his new role, Cameron will penetrate new accounts and skill sets for the Medical Device team. In addition, he will continue to be a role model for other Account Managers and lead by example!

Congratulations, Cameron! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“I have never met an employee who is more self-motivated and driven then Cam is. He is the perfect example of someone who is ALWAYS stepping up and doing what’s best for the company. He started strong as a recruiting intern but quickly volunteered to move over to sales once he saw a gap in Med. Cam became a go to AM that other sales folks wanted to replicate. He put his head down and grinded his way to the top. It wasn’t always easy, but Cam never once complained. That work ethic & drive is what propelled him to be one of the best account breakers in the company! Cam has broken in 10 massive accounts and always prospecting for new ones. He is the person that asks how can I be better and how can I better the team? Even though he started achieving success & high spread, he is still the most humble and respectful person. When I asked the team how to describe Cam this is what they said: “Electric, hardworking, loyal, hilarious, dependable, energetic, steadfast, beast, uplifting, passionate, humble, and above all- family.” If you are having a bad day, I encourage you to speak with Cam because you will always walk away from that conversation with the biggest smile on your face. He will make you laugh; he will push you to be the best version of yourself, and he will make you see a silver lining. The best part is that Cam is just getting started and we will be hearing A LOT more from him this year. Cam, congrats on this well-deserved promotion!” – Kristina Zoto

“Cam Dixon… Lil Dickey… Ellyn Ito’s Favorite Person… Where do I begin? Cam Dixon has had one of the most unique and inspiring career paths here at ALKU. Cam started off as a recruiter, and dang, he was a good one. He was courageous enough to approach his leadership team back in 2019 and asked for more. He took a leap of faith and tried Account Management. Now, he could have stayed in recruiting and become one of the top recruiters, but he knew his passion and future was not in recruiting. Therefore, he bet on himself, and did it pay off or what? He is now a great AM with no signs of slowing down. He has an innate ability to break into accounts and has been one of the top AMs in the Med Brand for the past year. He shows up to work every day ready to work hard, help the people around him, and be a rock for Med-QVC. I truly am lucky to work alongside such an approachable, fun-loving guy like Cam. Here is to the future man but congratulations on the promotion – so well deserved!! Now go delete a few Bud Lights for me would ya?” – Alex Parenteau

“CAM!!! This one is about as exciting as it gets. For those that don’t remember, Cam started his career off HOT as a recruiter for Med QVC. From day one, he came in and set the tone for everyone around him and pushed those alongside him simply by how passionate and dedicated he was to this job. When he decided Account Management was the path that he wanted to pursue, there was no doubt that he would go on to accomplish big things. Now look at him! He has shown a talent for breaking into accounts, stirring up business at new companies, and above all else bringing a positive energy to the group day in and day out. Whether it’s challenging other account managers to metrics contests, volunteering to help new account managers, or simply providing the group with a pump-up song first thing in the morning. Cam has become a staple in not only Med QVC, but the entire Med team, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without him. Congratulations on your promotion, Blue Can Cam!!” – Anthony Fratturelli