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Cameron Kelley Promoted to Training Center Recruiting Manager, Amherst

April 02, 2024


After joining the Training Center group this past summer, Cam jumped into a world of the unknown and took on every opportunity with excitement. With his guidance and assistance, Cam was a pivotal contributor to the successful launch of ALKU’s Andover Training Center. From assuming responsibility over Andover Explorer Interns, to traveling to Amherst and mentoring Amherst Recruiters, his incredible impact and passion to support others is impossible to ignore. Since day one, Cam has been eager to learn and improve while working alongside his Leadership team to make Amherst the best Training Center experience possible.

As someone who has excelled in multiple roles at ALKU, Cam is extremely adaptable and observant. From starting as a Recruiting intern, getting drafted as an Account Manager, and then becoming a Training Center Supervisor, he is someone who has the determination and passion to succeed in any situation he faces. Within his first few months in the Talent world, he was able to help extend multiple offers to Recruiters. Outside of his role, Cam is always eager to aid the engagement of other teams, participating in over 10 College Relationship Development (CRD) events and multiple volunteer opportunities. In his new role, Cam will continue to work alongside the Amherst Sales Manager as the Manager overseeing Amherst Recruiters!

“I am thrilled to announce the promotion of Cam Kelley! His transition into the TC world has been remarkably smooth, setting a high standard for adaptability and efficiency. Cam’s unwavering commitment to excellence and passion for developing interns has significantly contributed to the already successful powerhouse that is our Amherst TC. One of Cam’s most admirable qualities is his readiness to tackle any challenge head-on. Whether it’s taking on a last-minute CRD event or interview, he consistently steps up with enthusiasm. His collaborative spirit and willingness to take on additional responsibilities make him a valuable asset and a true team player. With Cam’s promotion, I anticipate even greater achievements for Amherst. I am confident that Cam is the one to help continue to lead Amherst to the top! Congrats, Cam – well deserved, my man!” – Senior Manager, Training Centers, Adam DeGregorio

“Congratulations are in order for Mr. Cam ‘Fresh to death’ Kelley for his official promotion to TC Manager!!! I knew when Cam joined the TC team, he was going to be an impact player for the organization. His previous experience as an Intern and working in a TC has been extremely helpful in the development of Interns and running of the TC office. Cam’s patience and passion for helping people learn and develop is extraordinary and commendable. He is always willing to take extra time, stay late, or change his approach to help interns connect the dots and learn the job. Cam has done a great job in building relationships not only with Interns, but his TC counterparts. He clearly cares about the success of not only his Interns and the TC team, but the organization. I am extremely excited to see how Cam and Phil continue to grow and bolster the Amherst TC. The Interns coming out of Amherst will be game changing for company growth and success. Congratulations Cam! Great work, let’s keep it rolling!!” – Senior Director, Training Centers, Andrew Regan

“Cam K!!! Congratulations on this WELL-deserved promotion! A pretty cool full-circle moment from you and I closing seven deals together when you were a Pharma RS Intern to now you and I managing/developing Interns together! It has been awesome to see you come out to Amherst highly motivated to help make the Interns great and seeing the passion you have with them and it has clearly shown with the level of growth each intern has seen since working with you. No one else I’d rather have out here dominating the Amherst TC and it is only just the beginning! Very bright future ahead! No better way to get ready to kick off the upcoming summer than this promotion! Congrats, Cam!” – Training Center Manager, Amherst, Philip Masotta