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Caree Pitts Promoted to Training Center Sales Manager, Durham

March 02, 2023


Caree started her ALKU career as a Recruiter and instantly saw great success. She was the go-to Recruiter for years. She then transitioned to Account Management, taking her career to the next level. As an Account Manager, she overcame challenges that made her extremely well-versed in the ALKU process. Her next role was as a Sales Trainer. She displayed so much passion and immediately impacted every Intern. She has been performing her day-to-day as the Training Center Manager, Durham, since the fall and has done an exceptional job.  

Caree constantly goes out of her way to help others and teach them about ALKU. Her level-headedness and understanding of the ALKU process are exceptional. In addition, Caree has an outstanding personality, drive, willingness, and ability to develop talent. She is selfless and is the perfect fit for this role.  

Caree has created an unmatched culture in the Durham office. She is constantly showing the Interns how to Have Fun Working Hard®. Every individual enjoys learning from Caree and being around her presence. She makes the office fun and maintains strong internal relationships with employees.   

In her new role, Caree will be responsible for interviewing, hiring, training, and developing Interns in the Durham office and working towards bringing them to ALKU as full-time employees.  

Congratulations Caree! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!  

“Caree has done an incredible job overseeing the Durham office since the Fall. She has interviewed, hired, trained, and developed dozens of Interns and extended multiple full-time offers. She has built extremely beneficial relationships with these Interns and created a fun, exciting, hardworking culture in the office. The Interns love learning from Caree and working with her, they enjoy coming to work because she makes it fun, but they always know when it’s time to refocus. Caree’s extensive experience and knowledge of the ALKU process will help her take the Durham TC to the next level. She constantly has a big-picture mindset and is determined to make the Durham TC the best training center she possibly can. I can’t wait to see her continue to capitalize on this opportunity and see her grow into an impressive leader!” – Corrine Paynter  

Caree! WOW! Things have truly come full circle. So buckle in, Kids, and don’t skip through this quote if you’re interested in being a leader at ALKU.  

Carees journey for those that don’t know may be one of the most diverse, innovative, and impactful in the past few years at ALKU. Let’s rewind to 2018/19 when Caree was one of the go-to Recruiters in a division (that was a dead technology, Peoplesoft- Connor), and yet she still shined. She was someone that veteran AMs Chris Drake and Bri Maher relied on to help get them to new heights. She helped push our youngest new AM, Sam Huston. She had earned the respect of her veteran Recruiters, Lisa Liberty, and Jordan Dipietro, through battling day in and day out. She also helped push our two new rookie Recruiters, Connor Donahue and Kasey Hebert, to improve every day, especially if they wanted to make it in the tight-knit group. You may recognize some of those names…  

All of them are now leaders at this company. And yet she was probably the loudest and talked the most crap of them all.  And yet, she was one of the hardest workers of them all. Oh, and sure, that would be a good reason to promote Caree after succeeding as a Recruiter and continuing down that path to TC Manager… SKURT. Nope, she then decided to help start up our new division. 

Oh, and by the way is one of the founding members of the Diversity Council and our entire DE&I initiative at ALKU. There would literally not be a single ERG at ALKU if Caree and a small group of others did not come together after George Floyd to demand action! That’s how you make an impact at a Best Places to Work company around highly successful people. Find your passion. Blaze your own path. And… make everyone else around you better for it at the same time! Congrats Caree! I have much more to say, but I will save that for when I see you in person at UNH… Congrats again. Oh, and Beers on Connor!” – Craig Cowen  

“Congratulations Caree! It is so exciting to see how far you have come at ALKU and to have you in this new leadership role. From Recruiting to Account Management to Intern Trainer and now TC Manager, we are so lucky to have your expertise guiding the next generation of interns in Durham. You walked into Durham as a potential Intern when I was the TC Manager there (didn’t accept my offer, but that’s another story), and now you ARE the TC Manager there. Think about that! Your dedication, attention, and the way you care for the Interns is admirable. A room changes when you walk in-your energy has brought Durham to life! Congrats again!” – Leah Bourdon