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Carly Flahive Promoted to Epic Recruiting Manager

April 04, 2023


Carly started her ALKU career as an Epic Recruiter in September 2020. She consistently stuck to the ALKU process and worked to build a robust database. Although 2020 and 2021 were slower than usual due to COVID-19, Carly kept that from getting in the way of preparing herself for success when the business started to pick up rapidly.   

In 2021, Carly quickly hit new heights and became her team’s go-to Recruiter. In 2022, she continued to grow and develop herself and her team. Most recently, Carly hit new achievements during Epic’s large Go-Live project while leading the Recruiting team while pursuing management.  

Carly is someone who embodies ALKU’s Have Fun Working Hard® culture both vocally and through her actions. She has set up outings with various teams throughout her career, led and motivated her team, and always made everyone aware of ALKU’s ongoing initiatives and contests.   

In her new role, Carly will continue to lead the Recruiting team as the Epic Recruiting Manager.   

Congratulations, Carly! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!  

“Since I got involved with Epic in late 2021, Carly has always been someone that has stuck out to me, mainly due to her consistent work ethic, top-notch recruiting, and competitive drive. She was one of the Recruiters Epic would always lean on to find that perfect candidate all while having a great, upbeat attitude. Since she has been on a Roadmap, I have seen more and more growth in her. She has stepped up and taken the Recruiting team under her wing, always still while leading by example. She provides great coaching and advice and always does whatever she can to help the Recruiting team and the Epic division succeed. She has done so much for the Epic division since she started, initially being that constant as a Recruiter, but now developing and pushing others to have the same success she has seen. She is an amazing person, and I am lucky to spend time working with her. So CONGRATS, CARLY! This is so, so deserving, and I am extremely proud of you!” – Recruiting Director, Healthcare IT, Tim Lysaught  

“If you ask anyone internally or externally about Carly… I promise everyone would use some variation of “hard-working” to describe her.  She is always one to rise to the occasion, and the Roadmap process was no different… exceeding expectations and running a team (that had loads of massive changes) seamlessly. Carly is the best type of leader because instead of telling, she shows. She came to ALKU and Epic during the most challenging times and fought tooth and nail to make a penny, a name for herself, and an opportunity for her own growth. She is the ultimate teammate, business partner, and friend, and I will always put my money on her work ethic.   

CARLLLLLL! THE EPIC QUEEN. You are now ~officially~ the Epic Recruiting Manager. In your time here at ALKU, you have survived four go-lives, managed working with me, Dan, and SK, accomplished great success, and have grown from a quiet, shy sniper to a vocal, assertive leader. You trusted the process when it was not easy to…, and we are so so so grateful you did. YOU are the best Recruiter in the EPICWORLD, and it is such a joy watching you transfer your gritty mindset and determination onto all members of the Epic squad.  I am forever your biggest fan, unbelievably proud, and I am SO beyond excited to see where you take the Epic team next. Congrats, Carl – you’ve earned this and so much more.” – Recruiting Manager, Privacy & Compliance, Delaney Nalen  

“Wait, Carly isn’t already the Epic Recruiting Manager?! Carly is the definition of someone who leads by example and makes everyone around her better. From the day she started at ALKU in the summer of 2020, she set out to put her head down, outwork the people around her, and let her success speak for itself. There are a lot of people who talk about their willingness to work hard and do what it takes to become successful, but Carly has never had to say any of that for people to know that those are her goals… She lets her actions speak for her. She is frequently one of the first people in the office, the last to leave, and has been this way consistently for almost three years. Even with four people reporting to her, she continues to surpass all her numbers on a weekly basis and dominate the deal board. For Carly, hard work and consistency are just part of who she is. She doesn’t have “off” weeks, she doesn’t make excuses, and she never asks the people who report to her to do things that she herself doesn’t do. For all that she does, it is no surprise that Carly has already surpassed great heights in her time with ALKU, but the craziest part is that everything I just mentioned is only scratching the surface of her potential. Carly was destined to be a leader. The people who report to her love and respect her, and anyone who gets an opportunity to work with Carly becomes better from the experience. I am confident that she will take the division to new and amazing heights, and I cannot wait to see all the success she continues to create for herself and those around her. There is no one more deserving than you, Carly; congratulations.” – Senior Sales Manager, Epic & Privacy, Shannen Ketenci