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Carolyn Davidson Promoted to Cerner Recruiting Manager

January 31, 2023


Carolyn started her ALKU career in September 2020 and has been a staple in the Cerner group since day one. She is consistently positive and motivational. She strives daily to help lead the group in any way she can to better her team and the group’s future. She has done a fantastic job managing her desk, elevating those around her, and being a leader.   

Carolyn has a strong career history and has accomplished countless performance tasks at an exceptionally high level. Throughout her successful career, she has held exceptional personal achievements. In addition, she was a first-time Founder’s Club member in 2022 while on her path to management. Lastly, she helped to guide her team to be named Division of the Year in 2022.   

She has participated in various College Relationship Development events at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Elon University, and University of South Carolina throughout her career. Additionally, she is a founding member of the Have Fun Working Hard Committee in Charlotte, which helps drive company initiatives and office culture.    

In her new role, she will help her team to grow and lead group initiatives.  

Congratulations, Carolyn! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!  

“CAROLLLLLLLLLL!  The LinkedIn Recruiter / Relationship Queen is now a Recruiting Manager!  We’ve come a long way from the day you started and wondered if you actually HAD to start talking to people or if you could listen and shadow for a little while longer.  The positive energy and upbeat personality that you bring to work day in and day out have made you an absolutely fantastic team member and will make you an even better manager.  If you ask anyone internally or externally about Carolyn, there’s one word that is always consistent – Personable.  Carolyn has built fantastic relationships with everyone she has ever worked with and never gets flustered when things don’t go her way.    You’ve learned so much throughout the years, and it is awesome seeing you continue to pass down that knowledge to everyone around you.  Everyone continues to gravitate toward you and your demeanor, and I can not wait to see you succeed as a recruiting manager!  Congratulations, Carolyn!  You’ve earned it, and I couldn’t be more proud of all you have accomplished and excited for you on this next step!” -Ryan Brennan 

“Congratulations, Carolyn, on the promotion! So incredibly happy for you, and this is so, so deserved! Those who started with ALKU in 2020 know how much of a grind it was, and Carolyn is an excellent example of staying true to our process and having consistent success. She has always had a knack for finding stellar candidates, and now, building a team of her own, she is instilling that same process and coaching her recruiting team to do the same.   

Carolyn is one of the most positive people I know, an absolute joy every day to work with, and does a tremendous job creating a Have Fun Working Hard® culture. But don’t let that fun-loving personality fool you. She is highly competitive, hardworking, and organized and is a perfect match to help lead and drive the Cerner division to even new heights! She took a flyer on ALKU, moved from Florida to start with us, never looked back, and has had incredible career growth.   

So again, Congratulations, Carolyn. So happy for you, and I know how hard you have worked and sacrificed to become a Cerner Recruiting Manager!” -Tim Lysaught 

“CAROL! Congratulations! Since the day you started in Cerner, you have been one of our team’s most upbeat and positive members. Top that with your go-getter, competitive nature. No wonder you have been one of the most successful recruiters in our group in such a short period! No matter what issue our team faces, you have a way of staying calm & cool under pressure and in high-stress situations. You have proven time and time again, whether it be with interns or other Recruiters on our team, that you can make an immediate impact on their growth and development. I am beyond excited for this next chapter in your ALKU career & look forward to adding another strong, inspiring female leader in the Charlotte office!” -Rachel Farmer