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Carolynn Ellsworth Promoted to Recruiting Development Manager

February 09, 2022


Carolynn Ellsworth started her career in 2016. During her employment, she has held the title of Pharmaceutical QVC Recruiter and Senior Pharmaceutical QVC Recruiter. Carolynn has been an essential member of the Pharmaceutical QVC Team year after year!

Carolynn was the first full time Pharmaceutical employee hired at ALKU! She is admired for her organization, time management, and accountability. She is extremely hard working and is a mentor for interns at ALKU. Carolynn is always going above and beyond by helping multiple groups while closing Pharmaceutical QVC deals left and right.

In Carolynn’s new role as Recruiting Development Manager (RDM), she will be deployed and utilized in the other divisions within the Pharmaceutical group. The RDM will essentially support groups that need additional recruiting support. Some examples include startups, vacations, turnover, maternity/paternity leaves, influx of jobs/activities, and more. The RDM will also support the Explorers program on an ongoing basis and will be responsible for ensuring that all information about candidates is known by the group’s Recruiting and Sales Managers before morning meetings. Additionally, the RDM will work with ALKU’s Senior Leadership team on overall Recruiting Strategy.

Congratulations Carolynn! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“Carl – It is an absolute HONOR to be writing this well-deserved promotion announcement. This promotion should come to no surprise as you are ALKU’s recruiting GOAT. What you’ve accomplished in the past 5 ½ years is truly incredible, and I am constantly in awe by the results you produce and the standards you hold yourself to. You are competitive, hardworking, humble, and you set the bar HIGH for all of those around you. You still come into work every day with the mindset that you are a recruiter trying to make a name for yourself at ALKU. Because of all your hard work and success, you are now paving the way for other recruiters to follow your lead with the creation of the RDM position. I can’t wait to see where you take this thing and I know the entire company is going to continue being impressed by you. By the time this promotion announcement comes out I’m sure we will already see a Recruiting Development Manager deal come out of you!!! Thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do – Pharma wouldn’t be half the division it is today without you. Now let’s celly <3” – Tyler Boyle

“CARL!! CONGRATULATIONS on being the first recruiter to start the new Recruiting Development Manager position. I truly could not think of a better person to take on this new challenge or someone more deserving. Since day 1, you have always been someone I have looked up to as a role model and a recruiter I have tried to embody. Even if that meant you not wanting to sit next to me on my first week as a full time employee….smh. But eventually, you opened, and I could instantly tell you were someone who I should try to emulate. Your undeniable work ethic and ability to lead from the front was apparent and is the exact reason you have flourished as the first Recruiting Development Manager. I truly am so excited to watch you grow in this new role and can’t wait to see what milestones and spread highs you crush next. If you haven’t had the chance to meet Carolynn, I can tell you she is single handily the most competitive person in this company. She demands excellence out of herself and the other recruiters around her which has helped QVC reach new heights that are unimaginable. Now having the ability to work closely with AR&D and RS….Pharmaceutical is lucky to have you!! Once again congrats on the promotion, Carl! – Nate Hoffman

“CAAAAAARRRRLLLLLLLLL!! What more can be said about Carolynn Strongarms Ellsworth that hasn’t already been said? Not only has she officially become the highest producing Recruiter in company history, but with her unprecedented success has managed to help create a position and career path for recruiters that never existed until now. As impressive as Carolynn’s individual success is, it is overshadowed by the person she is. Carolynn is and always will be a leader and a role model within Pharmaceutical. Not only does she lead by example, but also takes ownership of the groups success and is constantly helping us improve. If you are a new AM with no options, if there’s a backfill, if you need consultants to K call, if you need an account breaking hammer candidate, Carolynn’s got your back, every single time without fail. On top of it all she is incredibly humble, always working her hardest and is the backbone of our recruiting team. I could not be happier for you Carolynn; you deserve this promotion, and you are going to absolutely crush it. Here’s to all the records you’ve set and all the ones you’ll keep setting in your new role!” – Hanzla Sheikh