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Charles Lamplough Promoted to Sales Manager, UKG Pro

April 05, 2023


Since day one, Chuck has been leveling up and going above and beyond to do his best and motivate his teammates. He continues to set the bar high for himself and those around him and has built an unbelievable culture in UKG Pro that does not go unnoticed. He always makes work a fun experience, and everyone on his team looks up to him.   

Since starting UKG Pro, Chuck has developed himself into a successful and excellent leader. Chuck has developed two employees to new heights in spread within five months of their start. Additionally, he has pushed the group to new heights and led his group to win a  company-wide contest. Chuck displays everything and more that ALKU searches for in a leader.  

In his new role, Chuck will continue to manage the UKG Pro team and focus on the development of the Sales team.   

Congratulations, Chuck! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!  

“Charles Lamplough, 5-star Airbnb host, farmer, car-renter, real-estate tiktoker, Nova’s dad, and most recently…. UKG PRO SALES MANAGER.   

How you have gone out and made money for yourself blows my mind. For the life of me, I can’t understand how you have time to take on a start-up group, get two brand-new employees, and take your team to new heights. Your group won a company-wide contest, and your employees would probably follow you anywhere, and you make it all look easy. You and Jordan have also developed a culture unlike any I have ever seen.   

The best part of your whole story is that it started in 2017, and you have always remained strong in your willingness to do whatever is asked of you for the betterment of the company and the groups you were and are a part of. You were maybe the youngest Intern ever back then and were the actual talk of the town. EVERY group wanted to draft Chuck. You could have coasted as a Recruiter in SAP, but you took on the challenge of Account Management. Then, you could have coasted as an Account Manager in SAP, but you made it known you wanted your own group and were willing to do anything to get the next opportunity, even if it meant giving up your SAP base. When UKG Pro came around, it truly was a no-brainer. You are a selfless leader, a strategic thinker, and HIGHLY motivated to succeed.   

I think the majority of the company right now is thinking, “wait, he wasn’t already the manager?”. You are the example every manager points to and says, “go be like Chuck,” when they need someone to lead and produce. You have surpassed my expectations, and keep pushing the bar higher for yourself and everyone around you.   

Keep doing what you’re doing, and you will be well on your way to “building that town in the Midwest where you own 100% of the properties”. Your goals are high, and UKG Pro margins are higher! Congrats Chuck, so well deserved. I’m so proud of you and can’t wait to see what else you can accomplish!” – Senior Sales Manager, Kronos & UKG Pro, Bri Maher 

“Farmer. Staffer. Airbnb & TikTok connoisseur. The knower of all things. Nova’s sad. Now, UKG Pro Sales Manager?! MR. CHUCK LAMPLOUGH does it all! Oh, man, is this promo one of my all-time favorites. Chuck started as an Intern at ALKU in 2017 and immediately impacted ALKU and set the standards of a golden Intern. He worked his butt off, got into the draft as a Recruiter in SAP, and once he realized sales was the route to go, switched over to AM. From driving down from UNH to go on client visits together while he was only 20 years old to graduating early and winning Rookie of the Year to building his SAP spread up to $55K and deciding to take on his next chapter of starting up UKG Pro – Chuck is always willing to do whatever is best for ALKU. He comes into the office daily wanting to be better, do better, and grow his team to their highest potential. So it’s no surprise he has helped develop two hammer AMs with his third prodigy starting in June. Again, he sets the standards of what it takes to be successful as an AM and practices what he preaches. He has always known what he has wanted since day one, and now we’re here. This is only the beginning of his management path here, too. I wouldn’t be surprised if we all worked for Chuck one day!  

Chuck, thank you so much for all your hard work the last few years and for putting your all into this job, yourself, and your team day in and day out. I am so proud of all you’ve accomplished here at ALKU and in SAP, UKG Pro, and ERP. I appreciate your patience, blind faith, and trust in your leadership team and ALKU. I cannot wait to see what comes next for you and your team (not to mention all the ALKU records UKG Pro keeps smashing). I do not doubt that someday you will build a town in the Midwest where you own 100% of the properties, buy a camper van to rent out, own an Airbnb in every state, visit the rest of the three US states you haven’t been to and hopefully one day you can purchase the apple farm too… Now go take a vacation. You’ve earned it!” – Sales Director, Business Applications, Erin McCormick 

“Chuckles! THE FUTURE! Airbnb Landlord! GIOAT (Greatest Intern of All Time). You have gone by many names, but I am most excited to call you the manager. I am pretty sure you started in 2002. I cannot remember the exact date, but I know you were a sophomore and came in with another guy who also thought he was good. Hanzla. I would never say this to his face, but since he won’t see this. You were always my favorite! You have mentored and led many people since you became a shift lead for me almost 14 years ago. I remember the first draft that you were involved in. SAP had the first pick, and Rico called me. He asked a very simple question “I know Chuck is good and doing great things in RegSci, but is he worth it as the first pick?”. I responded as honestly as I could with respect to everyone in that class: “You will regret not drafting him every day he is here at ALKU. He is the best Intern I have ever had”. Talk about setting the bar high… that was my fault, but luckily you made me look very smart. You’ve led UKG Pro to be one of the fastest-growing startups, you’re building a great team and culture with Jordan, and you are still the hardest-working and best Intern I have ever known. Congrats Chuck! You have earned this more than anyone I can think of. Now quit the farm! Oh, and Beers on Hanzla!” – Sales Director, Enterprise Solutions, Craig Cowen 

“Chuck! Congratulations on such a well-deserved promotion! We all knew this day would come, and I could not be happier to be able to celebrate you. Since day one at UNH, Chuck has made a name for himself. Chuck may go down in ALKU history as the only employee with perfect attendance! But seriously, he has exceeded expectations in every role he has been in. From Recruiter to SAP Account Manager and now UKG PRO SALES MANAGER, I can’t say I am surprised. Chuck is building one of the company’s most successful startup sales teams. He has been a pillar in the development and early success of UKG Pro, and I cannot wait to see just how far he can take this group. The relationships and trust he has developed with his team are truly admirable. Chuck- I hope you take some time to enjoy this promotion! I’m sure you will celebrate by purchasing another Airbnb. If I have any say in the matter, hook the squad up with a place on the beach! Congratulations!” – Senior Recruiting Manager, Kronos & UKG Pro, Lisa Liberty