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Charles Nevejans Promoted to Director, Pharmaceutical Sales

September 07, 2022


Charlie was an ALKU intern at the University of New Hampshire in 2016. He began his full-time ALKU career in June of 2018 as a Pharmaceutical Account Manager. Since day one, Charlie has been a staple in the Pharmaceutical brand. Charlie took the opportunity to help Pharmaceutical Regulatory & Scientific in late 2020 and again with Pharmaceutical Analytical Research & Development in 2022. He did so all while supporting a split in Pharmaceutical Quality, Validation, & Compliance. Charlie now oversees four Pharmaceutical groups.   

Throughout Charlie’s ALKU career, he has developed numerous sales individuals and turned them into leaders. He has been instrumental in the growth of Pharmaceutical from both a revenue and personnel standpoint. Charlie provides strategy, support, and inspiration to those he works with and company-wide.    

Charlie is positive, kind, and always willing to lend a helping hand. He creates a calm, cool, and collected environment. He pushes his team to reach their full potential through positive reinforcement, accountability, and hands-on support.   

In Charlie’s new role, he will continue to focus on the growth of the Pharmaceutical brand and the development of its leaders. He will provide strategy and solutions to better the Pharmaceutical group and ALKU as a whole.   

Congratulations, Charlie! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!    

“Charlie Nevejans — Director, Pharmaceutical Sales. This is a big one! Since day 1, Charlie has made it a point to know everyone at ALKU and for everyone to know him. This has been an easy task because Charlie is one of the most friendly, helpful, and forward-thinking leaders you can come by. What Charlie has accomplished in just over four years is truly amazing from both an individual and leadership perspective. Charlie has been instrumental in the growth of all four of the Pharma groups and has positively impacted all of ALKU. His ability to develop sales leaders, implement sales strategy, and motivate and elevate his teams is unmatched. Charlie is a problem-solver; he is always in tune with the problems in his world and comes up with creative solutions to make Pharma and ALKU better and more efficient. He is a leader beyond his years. If you have the opportunity to spend time or learn from Charlie, I think you can consider yourself lucky. The Pharma brand is in the best hands possible with Charlie at the front, continuing to challenge, lead and inspire. Charlie, you have impressed me since the day you started with your ambition, your kindness, your eagerness to learn, and your talent and make everyone around you better. I do not doubt that you will continue to impress me in this new role, and I couldn’t be more proud of you. Here’s to you, Charlie! Congratulations times a million!” -Tarah Lovato  

“Another year, another promotion for Mr. Charlie Nevejans! It is incredible to sit back and reflect on all Charlie has accomplished throughout his career at ALKU thus far, and it was only a matter of time before he made his way to the Director squad! He is the perfect example of what hard work coupled with passion can produce. Charlie is smart and strategic and can always add value to any situation. He is truly a leader whose influence extends across all of the pillars at ALKU, and he is always willing to give perspective on a situation, whether it lives in his world or not. One of the things I am most confident about in Charlie is that if there is a problem – he can and will solve it. Charlie, you are such an asset to ALKU and all of the Pharmaceutical divisions, and I have been fortunate to work alongside you since the day you started! Thank you for being someone willing to work so hard, not just individually but to ensure those around you are also successful. I know we are in great hands with you leading the Pharmaceutical teams to continued success, and I am excited to watch you grow into this new role! Congrats, Charlie – you earned this!!!” -Tyler Boyle  

“Charlie Nevejans is a special player at ALKU. He has had a never-satisfied attitude since the day he walked into the Durham TC. I still remember the trips up to the TC where Charlie would ask some form of the question, “how do I get to being the director and beyond?” He has consistently been working towards that goal and has undoubtedly earned it.  He has played a part in the advancement of all of the groups of the Pharma world and ALKU as a whole. His ability to help grow and inspire his teams is second to none. Charlie truly cares about his people; it shows daily on the floor, in meetings, and outside of the ALKU walls.  The pharma leadership team is rock solid with Charlie in it, and he has had a huge hand in developing the Pharma culture and leadership team to be what it is today. He can think outside the box, solve problems, remain calm, and he embodies what an ALKU leader is.  He continues to perfect each role he holds at ALKU, and I know the director role will be no different. He never expects fanfare either; the proof is always in the growth of his teams and people. Charlie, you continue to impress me with how you approach every aspect of the job, and I won’t be surprised when I’m being tapped on the shoulder again to write you another quote when you blow this one out of the water. Thank you for all you do, not just in Pharma but all of ALKU, and for being the leader, you are. Congrats on a well-deserved promotion to DIRECTOR. You’ve earned every bit of it. Celebrate this one. Beers on Craig. And let’s golf.” -Dave Esteves