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Charlie Nevejans Promoted to Senior Pharmaceutical QVC & RS Sales Manager

August 31, 2021


Charlie Nevejans Promoted to Senior Pharmaceutical QVC & RS Sales Manager

Charlie Nevejans joined ALKU in 2016 as an intern out of the Durham, NH Training Center. He joined full-time in June of 2018 as a Pharmaceutical QVC Account Manager and has been a staple to the Pharmaceutical team ever since, working his way into the role of Pharmaceutical QVC Sales Manager in June of 2020.

As a manager, Charlie has helped grow the Pharmaceutical QVC team to new heights all while his next manager, Hanzla Sheikh was promoted. In January of 2021, Charlie took over the Pharmaceutical Regulatory & Scientific group, helping to grow the group, all while getting the account managers up to speed.

Charlie is a leader through and through, creating amazing relationships across the board. He’s a role model for the sales teams in the Pharmaceutical group, as well as across the company. With this and much more, ALKU is excited to announce the promotion of Charlie Nevejans to Senior Pharmaceutical QVC & RS Sales Manager!

In his Senior role, Charlie will continue to oversee the Pharmaceutical QVC Sales team alongside the Sales Manager, Hanzla Sheikh, ensuring the growth and development of the team. Additionally, he will provide sales oversight and leadership to the Pharmaceutical RS team while growing its sales leaders.

Congratulations, Charlie! We can’t wait to see all you continue to achieve in this new role.

“Charlie embodies what it means to be a great leader. If you ask anyone who has ever worked with Charlie, they will tell you he is thoughtful, knowledgeable, gracious, and selfless. When the Pharma group absorbed Pharma RS, Charlie was an easy choice to help out with the new group. He was ecstatic to take on a new challenge and was able to do so because he had already built a very strong leader in QVC. Charlie is nothing short of amazing in all aspects of his job. Since being in management, Charlie has seen tremendous growth as a leader. He goes out of his way to know everyone at ALKU, build strong relationships with both Revenue and Corporate groups, find areas of improvement both as an individual leader and for his groups. The list goes on and on. Charlie played a crucial role in getting Pharma QVC to new heights while getting Hanzla up to speed as a new leader. In addition to his responsibilities in QVC, Charlie took on new AMs in RS and helped grow the group! Charlie’s level of care and understanding for his people sets him apart and his individual drive and ambition is going to get him to great places.

I couldn’t be more excited for this next step in your career and continue to watch you absolutely dominate everything that you do. You make an extremely challenging job look effortless and you make my job more fun. ❤ You and Hoff are a powerhouse team and I know both QVC and RS are going to accomplish great things with you leading the way. We are beyond lucky to have you. Congratulations again on this well-deserved promotion. You are going to crush it!!” – Tarah Lovato, Director of Pharmaceutical Sales

“It is rare that you come across standout talent like Charlie. When Charlie started in Pharma 3 years ago, we all knew he was going to make a huge impact within Pharma and at ALKU. What Charlie has accomplished in three years is truly remarkable, and it seems like only yesterday I was writing his quote for his promotion to manager. Just to name a few of Charlie’s accomplishments during his career here…. he obtained personal success, manages the sales team of one of ALKU’s largest divisions, and oversees one of the company’s largest teams between Pharma QVC and RS. Charlie has an incredible work ethic, high energy, and always sees the process through from beginning to end. If you’ve ever had a conversation with Charlie, you know he is wise beyond his years, and that his good judgment and maturity is what has led the QVC and RS teams to great heights. Because of all his accomplishments, Charlie was the easy choice when Pharma needed a sales leader to step in and help the RS team. He took on this opportunity with excitement, passion, and trust, and I know the Pharma QVC and RS teams are in great hands with Charlie and Hoff leading the charge. Charlie, thank you for all that you do for us day in and day out. It’s been an absolute blast working alongside you the past few years, and I can’t wait for the next million. I know this is just going to be another short stop along the way in your career, and congratulations on an unbelievably well-deserved promotion.– Tyler Boyle, Director of Pharmaceutical Recruiting

“When Charlie was born, he was on ALKU’s leadership team. The end. Kidding. Charlie was determined as anyone to get into leadership when he was still an intern at the Durham Training Center. He is now one of the fastest employees ever to gain a senior manager title. He will tell you that the opportunity had to be there for him to seize it, but boy, has he done just that. Charlie isn’t one to beg and plead on why he is deserving of the next thing, he simply shows he can handle it in his actions and the output speaks for itself. He has an ability to think outside the box and embodies what a leader of ALKU should be like: become perfect at your desk job, take over a group and grow your people, develop other leaders and future leaders around you, find opportunity for those that deserve it, and never ask someone to do something you wouldn’t. Charlie has done all these things every step of the way. It is impressive to have watched his leadership abilities grow into what they are now. It was clear that Charlie was deserving of adding the Pharma RS sales group to his world of growth. This is one of those promotions that is likely long overdue, and everyone likely already thought he held the title of Senior Manager. Charlie, this is just the beginning for you. I’m excited to say that with confidence. I have no doubt you will be knocking on the door for more opportunities after you take the Pharma QVC and RS teams to new heights. Congrats again on a well-earned and deserved promotion. Let’s golf. – Dave Esteves, Vice President of Life Sciences