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Colin Tierney Promoted to Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis

May 09, 2023


Colin started his ALKU career in January 2019 in Accounts Payable, and two years later, he moved to the Finance team to best help the company. He has since improved financial reporting internally and externally and has launched monthly meetings with ALKU’s Corporate and Talent management teams to better educate the company on financials and where ALKU stands.  

Every day, Colin goes above and beyond in every role and challenges he has faced along the way. From jumping to a new position on the Finance team when he was mere months away from a Level II promotion in her former role, all for his team’s success and ALKU, to being the go-to person for all things financials. Colin has continuously excelled and has been a trusted and well-respected employee. He has taken every request with a smile and the best attitude.  

Despite spending most of his tenure in a hybrid role, Colin always encourages his team to get involved in ALKU initiatives and work in the office while they Have Fun Working Hard®! In addition, he is always finding positive numbers to encourage the Revenue teams and pointing out the good to keep everyone excited and motivated! 

Colin will work with the Finance team to improve and develop financial reporting in his new role. In addition, he will support the Leadership team by educating them on financials and putting together quarterly budgets and forecasts for management and the board.  

Congratulations, Colin! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role! 

“I am so excited to be writing up this promotion announcement. Colin has always been an admirable employee that others on the team strive to be like, and he has grown even more in his role in the past year. It is apparent how well deserved this promotion is just in how much Colin’s team loves working with him. I wish everyone could have seen how excited they were when they found out about this promotion (and how excited they were to prank him before we told him). He is always happy to jump on a call to lend a helping hand to anyone who comes his way. When someone comes his way with a question that might be for someone else, he never leaves them hanging but instead helps them find an answer. From switching roles and always being the go-to person for the team, this one is a no-brainer. Congrats again, Colin! So happy for you! – Controller, Haley Giampietro 

“I have had the privilege to work with Colin since he started in AP, and I can’t say I am surprised to be writing this announcement. It’s no easy task transitioning into a new role and making it look so easy, but that is exactly what Colin has done. When I think about Colin, his work ethic stands out above all else. Whatever is thrown his way, you can expect him to take it on in stride and see it through to completion. His dedication to his role and willingness to help others throughout the process is truly what sets him apart. The Finance team got a good one, and they’re lucky to have you. Colin, thank you for everything, and congratulations, this promotion is very well deserved.” – Cost Accounting Manager, Dan Sangeorge 

“I am beyond thrilled about this promotion! Colin is one of the most helpful and approachable employees at ALKU, and I am incredibly lucky to work with him so closely. Many people come his way for assistance on a regular basis, and he is always happy to lend a hand…. or an Excel formula. I’ve never seen him turn down a challenge – his strong work ethic and ability to adapt are qualities that make him such a great role model to those around him. Not only has he established himself as a dependable individual, but he has made it a point to develop the same qualities in the team he leads. These things, among so many others, make Colin a natural leader and someone who will add immense value to ALKU’s management team. This promotion is extremely well-deserved, and I can’t wait to see you continue to take the FP&A team to new levels! Congratulations, Colin!” – Accounting Manager, Michael Bachilas