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Colleen Martin Promoted to Senior Accounts Receivable Manager

October 27, 2022


Colleen started her ALKU career in 2017 as an Accounts Receivable Specialist with little to no experience in collections. Since day one, she has continued to give 100% to learning her craft and paying it forward by teaching her team to be the best they can be. She has since progressed and is now managing a group of six collectors at the highest level! She has guided her team through difficult times, resulting in some of the best statistics the department has ever seen.   

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the team reached a set goal while working through the challenges of the pandemic. Colleen works with her team and collaborates with Billing, Cash, and Client Services to surpass set goals. Colleen’s dedication and commitment to her team and ALKU were instrumental in her and her team’s success.   

Outside her day-to-day role, Colleen is an active member of ALKU’s Employee Resource Group, ALKU Women Empowered, State of Mind, and Parents Group. Additionally, she is a Futures mentor who works with coworkers interested in pursuing Leadership. She has previously participated in several Quarterly Updates and Kickoff meetings. Overall, Colleen enjoys paying it forward to the new members of the ‘Krew.   

In her new role, Colleen will be responsible for all of Accounts Receivable. She will oversee the credit and collection functions for the entire ALKU portfolio. She will continue to train and mentor her team to help promote the next management level. She will be involved in all branding aging reviews and taking the lead for escalations and client conference calls. Additionally, she will work with management on the month-end financial reserve and month-end aging stats.  

Congratulations, Colleen! We can’t wait to see your accomplishments in this new role!   

“Colleen, since you started five years ago, you have learned all the ins and outs of AR and then some!! Who would have thought that the grade school teacher who took a chance to try a new profession would become an AR Subject Matter Expert, experience a hacking situation, become the manager of a team of 7+, and have a hugely successful couple of years despite a global pandemic!!!!!  Your hard work and dedication to your team are the backbone of your success.  When it comes to collecting money, you are tenacious and never give up until the money is in the door.  Regarding your team, you are the ultimate teacher who always thinks of ways to help them reach their potential.  You have put much hard work into the success of this team and planning for the next layer of management! 

I look forward to seeing what you have in store for AR in the future!!  I am very excited and happy to announce your promotion to Senior Manager of Accounts Receivable!” -Jeanine Morgan  

“From the day Colleen started, she showed a drive you knew would lead her to success.  That drive caused her to be an outstanding individual contributor and then a manager.  As a manager, Colleen has continued with her determined approach.  She is an excellent problem solver, always willing to dive into issues and see them through to their resolution.  She has struck a great balance of knowing when to allow her team to work through problems and when to get involved in helping get things over the finish line.  These characteristics have earned her a great deal of respect not only in her group but with the company at large, and as a result, this promotion will come as no surprise.  Congratulations on your well-deserved promotion Colleen!!!”  -Marc Cirrone  

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Colleen for over five years. Accounts Receivable at this company must be a difficult dynamic to navigate. On the one hand, you are trying to foster good business relationships with our clients and sales force. Still, on the other hand, you are asking them to either pay their bills or get a salesperson who might not prioritize getting you a piece of information to understand why it is important that they get it. You must do all this while maintaining those strong relationships. As difficult as that must be, I can’t think of many people better at doing that balancing act than Colleen. The teams I worked with always loved Colleen when she was an individual contributor. They could count on her for accuracy, accountability, helpfulness, and creative thinking, and she would do her job with a smile (although I’m positive there were probably times she wanted to ring a couple of our AMs’ necks). As a salesperson who wasn’t always amazing at getting paperwork, SOWs, Pos, and AP POCs, the order, process, and understanding she brought to Accounts Receivable has been truly appreciated and needed. To see her evolve from where she started to now running a department, managing a team of five, and developing other future leaders who will continue to grow her department is inspiring. As I interact with her team members, I see their bits of Colleen being passed down. From giving out the STAR of the WEEK to now, it’s been an unreal ride, and I’m looking forward to seeing what she does next! Congratulations, Colleen!” -Dan Lyons