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Cora Harvey promoted to SAP Sales Manager

August 02, 2022


Cora has been working extremely hard since she started in 2019. She has overcome and pushed through being an Account Manager during the COVID-19 pandemic. Cora followed the process and trusted her managers while always keeping her end goal in mind. Cora continues to lead by example, motivates her team, and is a true leader. While in this position, Cora has broken into multiple accounts and helped her fellow employees along the way.   

It is no secret that Cora brings an upbeat, positive attitude to the office daily! She exemplifies the meaning of hard work and continues to lead by example. As a leader, Cora would never ask her employees to do something she wouldn’t do herself. She is always willing to lend a helping hand and goes above and beyond to ensure she’s helping everyone around her. Additionally, she is an active member of AWE and has participated in giving back to Cradles to Crayons and much more.  

In her new role, Cora will oversee the SAP Sales team and work hand in hand with Kirishika Krishnarajah. 

Congratulations, Cora! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role! 

“Cora!! Congratulations to you on this well-deserved promotion!! I’m so proud of all you’ve accomplished! This one feels extra special because you’ve worked your butt off the past three years! Cora is one of the most genuine, dedicated, kindhearted, easy-going people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She started in 2019 and was hit by the pandemic a few months later, causing her to learn to do this job remotely at home while no clients were hiring. That didn’t stop her from following the process, trusting the process, and having blind faith in her leadership team. Cora goes above and beyond for her team, cares passionately about this job & her team, is always asking for ways to improve, and wants to see nothing more than her team succeed. She does everything with a smile and never says no to lending a helping hand. She and Kirishika have created an amazing culture in SAP over the last eight months that is second to none. Cora, you should be proud of yourself and all you’ve accomplished thus far in your career. This is only the beginning, which is even more exciting. You’ve helped multiple new AMs and led the SAP team to hit milestones we’ve never hit before, all while managing your book of business and growing! I can’t wait until we’re sipping margs at your lake winni house someday with your Yamaha FX SVHO Jet Ski tied up on the dock! Keep being yourself, the role model that you are too many, and I can promise only great things will continue to come!” – Erin McCormick   

“CORA!! I couldn’t be happier to congratulate you on your promotion! Since coming into the company in 2019, you have been one of the hardest working Account Managers in the company, let alone SAP. Since joining the team, there were obstacles that no one in the world was expecting, hurdles jumped, and accomplishments that most people will only dream of. If ALKU could build a team of Cora’s, there would be nothing but success. It has been amazing to see how much you had grown from when you started as the quiet head-down intern to being the well-spoken, confident, and decisive leader you are today. You are a true role model for those around you and other future leaders of ALKU. You have done an unbelievable job taking over SAP, and the Account Managers in the group are lucky to have you. You can feel a new fire created with your hard work and empathy when you walk by SAP. I hate to say this, but the new SAP might be the best it has ever been. Congrats again on this steppingstone in a long and successful ALKU Career. Keep doing what you are doing, and I am sure the spread highs will keep coming in SAP.  As your signature says, “Cheers”, Sales Manager Cora!!” – Brian Foley   

CORAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! I am so pumped that we can officially call you the SAP Sales Manager because it feels like you have already been in this role for a while. Whether it was impressing us as an intern, becoming the go-to AM, and now being promoted to SAP Sales Manager, you have always risen to the occasion, and I can’t wait to see you continue to do this as your career progresses!!!” – Dan Alberico