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Craig Cowen Promoted to Director of Enterprise Solutions Sales

May 09, 2022


Craig Cowen started his ALKU career in November of 2015 as an Account Manager in the Quality Division. Craig quickly became on of ALKU’s most promising new account managers. When the Durham Training Center role became available, he decided to take that career path to join ALKU’s Leadership Team. While there, he helped to build not only ALKU’s future but the beginning of the Talent pillar. Craig aided to find and mentor some of ALKU’s best employees and future managers.

An opportunity arose in the Andover office for a Sales Manager role for Oracle and Craig was the answer. He brought a new culture to the Oracle group and helped plan and execute the eventual split into the Kronos and Oracle Cloud teams. Craig developed leaders in both groups and lead growth for both Oracle and Kronos to brand new levels. At the end of 2021, ALKU’s ERP brand split into two specialized groups, Business Applications and Enterprise Solutions. These specialized groups within the brand created even more opportunities for growth and further specialization. Craig was then given the role of Senior Enterprise Solution Sales Manager. Craig developed leaders within each group and created a strong leadership team for the future of the group.

Craig is known for being ALKU’s official hype man, motivator, and constantly leading by example. He has created a culture of fun in not only offices but Training Centers as well. He has made sacrifices for ALKU on multiple accounts and has taken chances to help the company Level Up. There has never been a challenge thrown at Craig that he did not take. He has played a part in developing and mentoring managers across every brand.

In his new role, Craig will oversee the leadership and management of Sales Managers and Account Managers within ERP’s Enterprise Solutions teams.

Congratulations, Craig! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“I am so happy to be writing about the promotion of Craig Cowen to Director of Enterprise Solution Sales. For the last three years, Craig has been working diligently on creating a winning culture and leadership team in the Enterprise Solutions side of ERP at ALKU. From day one, he focused on forging relationships and making teamwork the number one priority of all his teams. When employees at ALKU think of Craig they always think of how fun he makes work and how he’s able to tie that fun into working towards goals and supporting each other. Since Craig has joined ERP in 2019, the teams he has managed have all grown in revenue significantly and he has instilled a sales process in each division that is successful and proven. He has proved to be one of ALKU’s best sales managers and now has become one of our best sales leadership developers. As someone close to Craig, the biggest area of growth for Craig has been his ability to approach challenges as a businessperson and provide an answer that encompasses a solution for every person involved. Craig has proven to be one of ALKU’s most loyal, versatile, and valuable employees time and time again and I have no doubt that will continue. I couldn’t be prouder of the leader he has become and when Craig’s book “From Timberlands to Ties” comes out I can’t wait to read this chapter of his career, but this is only the beginning for him.” -James Cassin-Reed

“Craig!! Over the years, Craig has always done whatever is asked of him and elevated everyone around him along the way. No matter what position he has been in at ALKU, Craig always put the success of the company first. If you ever worked at the UNH Training Center or are in ERP, there is a high likelihood that Craig Cowen played a big part in your development. Craig brings an unmatched energy and passion every single day and there is no one better at creating a winning and successful culture in every group that he’s a part of. On the Revenue leadership side, Craig has done it all- startups, splits, turnarounds, and taken on successful groups. Craigs ability to set and clearly communicate a vision for the group and leading the charge towards that goal is one of the many things that makes him a great leader. Craig has consistently proven no matter what role he is in; he is going to do whatever it takes to make it successful. I am fired up to see Craig play a bigger role and have an even bigger impact within the company as a Director!! Congratulations on your promotion to Director of Enterprise Solutions Sales Craig!!!” – Nick Vignone

“Craig!!! Congratulations on your well-deserved promotion!! I couldn’t be more excited for you! One of my favorite things about Craig is his willingness to take on any challenge that comes his way and is always giving it his 110%. When Craig was tasked with managing Oracle, he dove right in and did an incredible job building a positive culture with his contagious passionate energy. When you walk by Craig, chances are you will find him celebrating somebody else’s success or milestone that they hit because he is constantly putting people before himself. Craig is somebody who takes the time to get to know each of his employees and makes it his top priority to set everyone up to be as successful as they possibly can be. Craig’s positive impact and leadership goes beyond his own groups, and he is seen as a true ALKU leader that everyone feels comfortable going to. Craig is the perfect example of somebody who is constantly putting the company ahead of himself – from taking a chance with Durham to manage the Training Center, to coming back to Andover and becoming the Oracle Sales Manager. Fast forward to today he has officially become the Director of Enterprise Solutions Sales! Thank you, Craig, for everything that you do, and I can’t wait to see where you take Enterprise Solutions. Congratulations again Craig!” – Micaela Damiano