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Dan Kavanagh Promoted to Intern Training Manager

December 12, 2022


Dan started as an intern at the Durham Training Center. He began his full-time ALKU career as a Pharmaceutical Quality, Validation, & Control Recruiter. He transitioned to a Recruiting Trainer, where he helped many full-time Recruiters grow and develop. This allowed him to take on a new initiative spearheading the Intern Training arm of Talent Development. Dan quickly implemented a revamped training program and a mentor program we will continue to rely on in intern development in partnership with Training Centers.   

Since transitioning to Talent Development, Dan has answered every challenge to becoming the next leader. He has helped build a top-notch intern training team and has developed into an influential leader. He is consistent, hardworking, humorous, and passionate about mentoring. He has proven time and time again that he is ready to take the following steps in his career.   

Dan has fully submerged himself in ALKU’s Have Fun Working Hard® culture. He has participated in many Quarterly Updates, ALKU Gives Back initiates, Rodman Ride, and most recently, a volunteer event with Neighbors in Need. He is a cultural ambassador and consistently creates a fun, hilarious, constructive, and motivating environment for his team.   

In his new role, Dan will be responsible for the Intern Training Program. He will oversee the operations for Sales and Recruiting intern trainings and mentorships. He will work in partnership with Training Center and Revenue leaders to ensure the support and growth of all interns.  

Congratulations Dan! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“KAV! A day that you would say is long overdue, PROMOTION DAY! This may come as news to many as so many people probably assume Dan is already the Intern Training Manager. That’s when you know someone is not only ready for leadership but excelled with every responsibility they were faced with leading up to their promotion. I couldn’t be prouder of the leader Dan has become. Since joining Talent, he’s answered every challenge, demonstrated his aptitude for mentoring, introduced new ideas, and has now built an outstanding intern training team in a very short period.   

Dan is a culture creator and a natural leader. He truly cares for the growth of his people and has a passion for his craft. He is someone that his people trust and look to emulate. As a leader of a program that will affect every intern that walks into ALKU, the future looks extremely bright with Kav at the helm.   

Big Congratulations, Kav – now let’s celebrate!” –Dennis Kapsimalis  

“DANIEL KAVANAGH! The man, the myth, the ALKU legend. I feel honored to be writing this promotion announcement for one of the most well-known & hard-working people in the company! From Durham RTC Intern to Pharma QVC Recruiter to Recruiting Trainer to now leading the Intern Training team, you have accomplished so much throughout your career here and have had so much passion for every role you have been in. It is no secret that you have always been such a huge part of ALKU’s culture — and now I have witnessed firsthand how you’ve translated that culture and energy amongst Talent and the people you lead. You have developed a group that others in the company genuinely look up to and respect, and you are responsible for the growth and acceleration of multiple recruiters (both FT and Interns) careers here at ALKU. The reputation you have helped create within Talent is extremely impressive, and I know there will be so much more to come for you within the Talent pillar in the future. You have poured your heart and soul into Talent and, more specifically, the Intern program over the last year and a half – and all your hard work has certainly paid off and has been recognized throughout the entire company. I am so proud of how far you’ve come, and I hope you celebrate this special day (which I know you will)! Thank you for blessing us with your sense of humor daily and for keeping work fun – never change!” –Tyler Boyle  

“Congratulations are in order for Talent’s one and only, the Man, the Myth, the LEGEND, Dan Kavanagh! Since starting at ALKU, Dan has always been outgoing, hardworking, and had an infectious personality. I don’t think I have ever seen Dan in a bad mood or really upset with anyone or anything. No matter the day or the circumstance, Dan is always upbeat, levelheaded, and willing to solve any problem. He has done an amazing job spearheading the intern trainer program and has added tremendous value to the internship program and talent as a whole. He is always willing to step up and help and consistently brings positive energy and humor to every situation. It is very easy to come to work and want to work hard when you have people like Dan on your team. I know I speak for not just the TC team but Talent when I say that the Talent pillar would not be where it is today without Dan Kavanagh. Congratulations, Dan extremely well deserved, and I am excited to see where the next few years take you!” –Andrew Regan