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Dan Lyons Promoted to Director of EPIC, Data Science & Cyber Security

April 20, 2022


Dan started working at ALKU as an intern and launched his full-time career as a recruiter in the SAP division in June of 2012. He excelled as a recruiter and made the seamless transition to becoming an account manager in the SAP division. At the time, Dan was the absolute prime candidate to launch ALKU’s newest division, Epic! Dan has continued to help and improve other groups across the company grow and develop. Dan has consistently developed strong leaders across multiple groups at ALKU!

Dan is described as the epitome of leading by example. He is always showing the people of ALKU exactly the way things should be completed. Dan is incredibly encouraging, and he is the first person to celebrate others success no matter how big or small. He has helped several groups transform, flourish, and grow their spread.

In his new role, Dan will be responsible for overseeing Epic consulting, Data Science Consulting Services, Cybersecurity Consulting Services as well as growing the personnel that reports to him.

Congratulations, Dan! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role.

“If you asked anyone at the company who they thought was the hardest worker at ALKU, it is a guarantee that Dan Lyons name is in that conversation. For ten years, Dan has set the pace for everyone in every group he has worked in. He has experienced an extremely high level of success with anything he has touched at ALKU. Dan is not only one of the most competitive people that I have ever worked with, but he is undoubtedly one of the most competitive human beings that I have ever met in my entire life. If Dan sets a goal, you can certainly expect that goal to be conquered sooner than you’d expect. I am very lucky to have had to the opportunity to work so closely with him over the last ten years and we are all lucky to have him on our side. Reliability and humility are two words that I think of when I think about Dan, and he has consistently been such a positive influence on the ALKU culture. People that work for Dan maintain a great personal relationship and know he would do anything for them. Because of that, they would do the same for him. His level of trust with his employees is admirable. Dan, you have mastered the ability to not only grow spread and teach others how to do that, but you have also become one of the best in our company at growing leaders. This promotion is more than deserved and just like everything you have done in your career, you are going to be an incredible director as well! I am very excited to watch you excel in your new role. Congratulations my friend!” – Michael O’Brien

“Fitting in 10 years of experiences working with Dan Lyons in a few sentences is going to be difficult, but I’ll give it a shot. Dan has been the single hardest working person I’ve ever met. He has been turning the lights on in the office every day for 10 years- that’s 2,600 weekdays. His consistency towards his goal of being the best salesperson and sales manager in the company is something that is inspiring to witness. If you work around Dan, you have no choice but to respect his grind. There is nobody I trust more to get something done in the staffing world. His resume speaks for itself, started Epic from scratch and hit a spread high on his own and for the group, take over Cyber sales and gets the group to a spread high, had a hand in helping launch Data Science into what it is today….the list goes on. NONE of these accomplishments scratch the surface on his best work. Dan Lyons is responsible for so much success in developing AMs and Sales Managers. Every AM and Recruiter who has had the chance to work with Dan is better because of the example he sets for himself. I mean, he still leads the entire company in LinkedIn messages sent every month. I think that sums it up perfectly. Congratulations Lyons on the promotion and good luck to anyone trying to out work Dan. You’re in for a battle!”  – David Tuell

“There is no halfway with Dan. Everything that he does, he gives all of his effort. He is deserving of this promotion for so many reasons, but his best asset is the example that he sets for all of us to try a little harder and give just a little more. I am so glad that he is on our team. Congratulations, Dan. I know that you will give this role your all.”  – Mark Eldridge