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D’Andre Drummond-Mayrie Promoted to Internal Recruiting Senior Manager

December 07, 2022


D’Andre started his full-time ALKU career in 2018 as a Recruiter for the Workday division. He transitioned into the Talent pillar in August 2020 as a Recruiting Trainer and accomplished an immense amount. He successfully mentored full-time Recruiters, revamped the existing training program, and worked closely to develop two other Trainers. In November 2021, he was promoted to Leadership, where he took on the role of Training Manager for full-time Recruiters. While in this position, he successfully oversaw training ideas and techniques. He continued to grow Talent Development as a branch of Talent and smoothed integrations of new processes and best practices for recruiting efficiency.   

Most recently, in May 2022, D’Andre transitioned to a Leadership role in the Talent Acquisition branch of Talent and became the Internal Recruiting Manager. In this role, he accomplished seamless development progress of the next layer of Leadership, revamped the training program for new Internal Recruiters, and updated metrics and production criteria.   

Throughout his ALKU career, he has proven to be exceptionally versatile and an asset to the entire company as an individual and a leader. He has successfully grown and managed his team of a few to a team of three times the size while remaining focused and intentional. D’Andre is committed to ALKU and has a genuine interest and eye for how the company can continue to level up.   

D’Andre is one of the most professional coworkers while continuing to Have Fun Working Hard®. He is personable, agile, and has impeccable attention to detail. Outside his day-to-day role, he is a member of the DE&I Council and sits on the subcommittee as a leader of the Attraction and Recruitment subcommittee. Additionally, he is an Intern Engagement Committee member and participated in running the 2022 Falmouth Road Race.   

In his new role, D’Andre will oversee the Internal Recruiting team and each of its branches. He will continue to develop future Internal Recruiting leaders and assist Internal Recruiting leaders in managing individual and overall group production. He will create and implement overarching strategies and best practices with efficiency and adaptability in front of mind. He will promote the proper partnership mindset between Internal Recruiting and every department and division it supports.   

Congratulations, D’Andre! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!   

“The only complaint I can think of when thinking about your transition is that I wish we had been working together from the start.  As much as you’ve learned in six months about the ins and outs of Internal Recruiting and the Talent Acquisition team overall, you’ve matched it when it comes to what you’ve taught me.  I have learned that you are incredibly respectful and respected, you are not afraid, you are the definition of professionally cool-calm-collected, and your work mentality and heart are to be envied.  Speaking on behalf of the team, the pleasure has been ours.  Thank you for FIO, giving it all you got with -and for the TA team.  We know no limit to success with the addition of your senior leadership.  Congratulations, DDM!” -Marissa Meyer  

“Congratulations to my TA partner in crime! I’m sure we can all agree that it seems near impossible that D’Andre has only been in Internal Recruiting for six months. The impact that D’Andre has made in such a short time confirms that this promotion makes sense. From developing employees to developing managers and future managers to diving headfirst into a world that was somewhat foreign to him at the time – Talent Acquisition has been better off having D’Andre as part of its leadership team. D’Andre is calm, cool, and collected; he is approachable, and he always – I mean always – has ALKU’s best interest in mind. D’Andre has proven, through his time in Revenue, Talent Development, and now Talent Acquisition, that he will be successful regardless of the role he is in, and I am excited to watch him add this one to that list. From our Central Catholic Raider days to now, cheers to you, my friend!” – Delaney Bradley   

“D’Andre is always willing to take on new challenges when it’s best for ALKU. He went from being a great Workday Recruiter to a beast of a Recruiting Trainer to Recruiting Training Manager and then stepped up as our Manager of Internal Recruiting. He never once questioned anything—and worked towards being the best at every job he’s ever had here. But none of that explains what makes D’Andre one of the best leaders I’ve ever been around. From the day I met D’Andre, the thing that stuck out to me was his contagious personality for making everyone around him engaged and excited. His selfless approach to his craft creates an environment that people want to be part of. If the next Leadership level is learning from him, I know our future is in good hands.  Thank you for being a great friend and colleague throughout the years, and congratulations on this promotion and many more!” – David Tuell