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Danielle Ledoux Promoted to Senior Manager, Benefits

March 16, 2023


Danielle started her ALKU career in June 2017 and has since built the Benefits department from the ground up. Today, ALKU’s Benefits team includes eight members with specialized roles who constantly advocate making the existing and upcoming benefits just right for the ALKrew.   

Throughout her career, Danielle has implemented Kronos, established countless successful vendor relationships, and won one of ALKU’s CEO’s choice awards. Danielle is constantly creating new relationships across ALKU and maintaining her current ones. Additionally, she is the founder and leader of one of ALKU’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) State of Mind.   

In her new role, she will continue growing the Benefits team and develop the Benefits leadership team.  

Congratulations, Danielle! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!   

“Danielle cares SO much about making ALKU a better place and herself better for ALKU.  She constantly asks for feedback and genuinely appreciates it when given to her.  When Danielle is passionate about something (mental health advocacy, gains, sourdough bread), she dives in head first, and I have always admired this about her.  She was great as an employee- building processes and policies.  She was amazing as a mentor and manager- training others on those processes and policies.  Undoubtedly, she will also be a rockstar Senior Manager, building and developing strong leaders under her and the best Benefits Department around.  Congratulations on your incredibly well-deserved promotion to Senior Benefits Manager, Danielle! I am so excited for this next opportunity for you!” – Senior Director, Payroll, Personnel Services, & Benefits, Kayla Morrison  

“Danielle! Congrats on your extremely well-deserved promotion! It’s crazy to think about what Danielle has built in the last five years at ALKU- An entire benefits division, a new wellness division, and an ERG State of Mind with over 140 active members. She is always willing to help any of her coworkers out when needed and always does it with a smile! She was the first benefits person ever and now has a team of close to ten employees reporting to her. 

She has also developed other great leaders who have followed in her footsteps of always going above and beyond to help anyone out when needed. You can tell how much Danielle cares about her team and her people on a daily basis. Congrats, Danielle, on this well-deserved promotion! PS – I hope you can master a gluten-free bread recipe because your sourdough looks unreal!” – Sales Director, Business Applications, Erin McCormick  

“Danielle has impacted ALKU since day one as the first person on our Benefits team. She spent her first few years taking a world without process and policy and creating that from scratch. Once she conquered that role, she moved into a leadership role and began developing employees to be as efficient and high performing as she was. Her demand for excellence led her to grow the Benefits team, develop great leaders below her, and even take home CEO Choice one year. For all those reasons and many more, Danielle’s promotion to Senior Manager makes all the sense in the world. It has been amazing to watch her go from someone who had little to no knowledge of benefits to now one of the most passionate leaders at ALKU. Congratulations, Danielle!” – Vice President, People Operations, Lauren Pacella