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David Bolognese Promoted to Senior Medical Device QVC Account Manager

February 15, 2022


David Bolognese started his ALKU career in 2019 as an Account Manager in the Medical Device QVC group. Since then, David has been an essential part of the team’s success.

David’s drive and determination are admired by everyone around him. In his first two years, he reached a big career milestone! Along with his amazing stats, he also made Founders Club in his first full year at ALKU. David does an amazing job helping his team, creating a positive atmosphere and is always passionate and dedicated to his work.

In his new role, David will help Medical Device QVC with client penetration, strategic vision of future skill sets, and being a role model to new Account Managers on the team.

Congratulations David! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“It’s not often you come across an employee who gives you 150% every single day regardless of tenure or spread. David is passionate, dedicated, and keeps everyone around him accountable. He has an infectious personality that lights up the entire room and makes everyone internally & externally feel so special. If you walk by David’s desk you physically can’t chat with him because he is ALWAYS on the phone. It’s not a surprise he achieved a great spread high in just his first two years. David the epitome of someone who has exceled at desk and has become a prominent face at ALKU events. He is the first to speak up in a meeting, volunteer to help in any way, and taking on the Quarterly. The most impressive thing about David is his willingness to help anyone and everyone. He never says no when asked and he does it with the biggest smile on his face. 2021 was an incredible year for David with spread highs and making founders! In this new role, David will continue to be a driving force within Med QVC and help with client penetration & strategic vision of future skill sets. Everyone please help me congratulate David aka “Bolo” aka “Meat sauce” on this exiting Senior AM promotion!!!” – Kristina Zoto

“MEAT SAUCE!! When David started with us, we knew we had something special. David Bolognese epitomizes what it means to master your craft and understand your industry. I have never met someone who is as technically savvy and smooth on the phone than David. He is one of the most determined, hard-working people I have ever met. During the tough times of 2020, David won the Med-QVC COVID MVP award due to his consistently and engagement. He never steered away from taking on new challenges or volunteering his time to help the people on his team. In David’s new role, I know he will help contribute to Med-QVC but also the entire Medical Device brand due to his immense knowledge of the industry and his unselfish mentality. Not to mention, his mom makes some MEAN fudge around the holiday time. I could not be happier the other half of the MarbleHead Boyz. Now you and Matt are BOTH Seniors! Congrats on the promotion, I know you are going to do big things for many years to come my friend!” – Alex Parenteau

“David Bolognese…there may not be a single person at ALKU that genuinely loves staffing more than David. If you haven’t had the chance to interact with David, I highly recommend grabbing lunch with him, or even just walking over to introduce yourself. I guarantee you will walk away from that interaction with a smile on your face. While David’s career started during a pandemic that had a rough impact on the medical device world, you would never know it. He came to work every single day as if there were no outside circumstances working against him and the success you see today is the result of that. From its front-end metrics, consistent activity, deals, or simply just hounding the group at 10 AM about what we’re doing for lunch. David has been the sparkplug for our group from day one and will continue to be for many years to come. If you’re ever having trouble remembering his name, just know it’s on every Italian restaurant menu. Congrats Meat Sauce!!” – Anthony Fratturelli