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Delaney Bradley Promoted to Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

May 25, 2022


Delaney started her ALKU career in 2017 as an Internal Recruiter. Delaney has worked incredibly hard as a manager over the past two years. She has grown the Internal Recruiting team to what was once only a few employees to what is soon to be eight amazing team members! Delaney has taken the desk-level manager basic tactics and put them into the most successful practice. She has proven to be ready to learn and use deeper leadership skills all while shifting gears to oversee a different area of Talent Acquisition.

Delaney is admired by all members of the Talent Acquisition team, and she will make the absolute best resource considering her well rounded expertise and experience. She works incredible hard every day to ensure company Have Fun Working Hard™ culture is properly expressed to attract prosperous employees and internal candidates. Additionally, she is an active member of the ALKU Women Empowered Employee Resource Group, one of ALKU’s first Futures members, mentor, actively participates in Volunteer Time Off activities, and so much more.

In her new role, Delaney will oversee the College Relationship Development team while working to explore and create a new Talent Acquisition venture involving recruiting from the military. She will be developing a manager for the College Relationship Development team while hiring a full-time employee to help gain traction when it comes to military outreach.

Congratulations, Delaney! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“To no surprise, Delaney continues to solidify herself as an invaluable and versatile asset to the team and to the company.  Through Delaney’s roughly two years in management, she has proven to be a respectable and accountable leader who has driven the Internal Recruiting team to achieve more than imagined.  What’s best to point out: she is truly a go-to no matter where you sit in Talent Acquisition as a department and even Talent as a pillar. Her ability to a) create efficient processes b) yield production and c) be adaptable are all very admirable. I know that she takes on new endeavors and challenges enthusiastically and that she cares limitlessly about the success of those she manages. Whatever or whoever Delaney is focusing on is left better off.

Delaney, as always, thank you for your hard work and dedication to our mission.  You constantly impress and raise the bar; I am so fortunate to work with you.  CONGRATULATIONS on this promotion!  The next step in leadership awaits!” -Marissa Meyer

“Delane! Where do I even begin?? When I was told that you were being promoted, the first thing I thought was, “Isn’t she already a Senior Manager?”. You are the perfect example of putting our best people in our best opportunities. I feel like it was just yesterday that you were slacking me the names of event standouts and putting hard copy resumes on my desk from CRD events. For the past two years, you have created and built the Internal Recruiting team into the machine that it is today. From day one of being my manager, you made it a priority to make sure that you were doing everything possible to grow and develop everyone on your team, and you especially helped to shape me into the Internal Recruiter and mentor that I am today. One of the most important parts of being a manager, in my opinion, is caring more for other successes than your own, and you have done just that and so much more. You continuously go out of your way to celebrate every small success, every big success, and help us to grow from any challenges that we face. You have been our leader, our teammate, our biggest support, and our therapist (I bet you’re going to miss this part the most!), all in one, and I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for myself and our team. Congratulations to you on the most well-deserved promotion! Hope you are celebrating with a bottle of Josh, cheers to you!” -Emily Pacanza

“The best leaders at ALKU are the people who take chances on entrepreneurial moves and put the success of their group above anything else. Delaney has done this time and time again. She has excelled in every aspect of leadership and always does the right thing. I haven’t met many people who have a stronger drive to be successful than Delaney. She is a strong hearted leader who is determined to make everyone around her better. She will do everything in her power to develop her team to their max potential. My personal favorite part about working with Delaney is her relentlessness to hit her goals. She comes to work every day with passion and competitiveness to be the absolute best. I am excited for this promotion for Delaney, but even more excited about what she will accomplish in this new role. Congratulations and I look forward to working with you as you navigate this new space in the Military Outreach Program and continue to dominate the College Relationship program as well! The future of ALKU employees are in great hands. Cheers to what comes next!”-David Tuell