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Delaney Nalen Promoted to Epic Recruiting Manager  

December 16, 2021


Delaney Nalen started at ALKU in June of 2018 as an Epic Recruiter. Delaney’s role went beyond that of a Recruiter but a foundational member of the Epic team. She helped set the tone and build the culture of the Epic team that keeps everyone motivated and engaged. Her work ethic is second-to-none, Delaney turns the lights on in the morning and turns them off on her way out of the office. She has brought that same level of work ethic consistently since day one. Delaney’s ambition and self-drive are infectious and are absorbed by those around her. It’s that same ethic that drove Delaney to break three out of four company revenue records, and at the same time hitting new spread highs.   

She is extremely honest and fair with everyone she works with. Delaney holds hard work and honesty at her core and is known for saying “if you are going to do anything, do it 100%”. This saying has rang true for Delaney this year more than any other on her roadmap to leadership. Roadmaps are a journey full of challenges and rewards, all of which she handled with grace. During this time Delaney stepped up during a transition and her leadership skills developed further to another level. She also took that skillset on campus as a buyer and judge in ALKU’s UNX games and shined as a presenter in ALKU’s Winter Quarterly Update. Delaney goes above and beyond with a smile and has never stopped bringing that to ALKU every day. In her new role, Delaney will lead the Epic team in their recruiting efforts and continue the overall development of the Epic recruiters.    

Congratulations, Delaney! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role! 

“Delaney is just one of those people you are thankful that they play on your team. It is tough to find someone that just flat-out cares as much as she does for the success of Epic and everyone around her. Day in and day out, she brings her A-game and is never hesitant to jump in when needed. The effort she provides daily is just fun to watch because she has her foot on the gas no matter the situation. Her leadership abilities are so natural and they are always on display for the group. If you ever want to see a promotion that is deserving and someone who put everything they got into ensuring they put themselves in a position to do so, it is Delaney. Thank you for the constant craving for success you bring with you every single day here to ALKU, Delaney. A huge congratulations to you Delaney and I can’t wait to see what you will accomplish in this next role!”- Tyler Bush, Director of Healthcare IT Recruiting  

“I could not be more excited for Delaney and this promotion. Although she will officially have the Manager title, Delaney is responsible for Epic’s success dating back to her very first day. She was one of Epic’s key foundational members that built the culture that kept everyone motivated and engaged even during the hard times. Delaney’s accountability is second to none. She always follows through and will take the time to teach and help others. She applies the ALKU process through and through and has been an incredible mentor to those she has helped. Something that many people might not know about Delaney is that she is one of the most competitive people I have ever met. She competes with herself day in and day out…always wanting it more for herself than anyone else could. It’s that relentless determination to succeed that has gotten her to this point and will continue to help her shine in this role. I am so proud of you Delaney! Congratulations!” -Stephanie Heyner, Leadership Development Manager 

“I have been waiting for the moment where I get to brag about the most deserving person of this opportunity for years now. Delaney Nalen- where do I begin? Delaney was someone who impressed all of us when she walked through the ALKU doors three and a half years ago. She showed up early, stayed late, stayed focused, kept things light, lived on the phones, and held herself to an insanely high standard right off the bat. The most impressive part? She never stopped. Delaney is one of the most reliable and consistent people I have ever had the privilege of working with. She doesn’t make excuses (she could be out of the country for a week and still find a way to hit her numbers) and is always more than willing to help wherever she is needed. Delaney proved herself capable of managing her desk to a T as she climbed up the spread report and became a go-to recruiter, but I think my favorite part has been watching her mature into a truly outstanding leader. Because of the standard Delaney has held herself to since day one, she has become a leader who never asks the people she manages to do things that she herself does not do. She has established herself as a person who the whole team trusts; a resource and confidant to both Account Managers and Recruiters alike in the Epic squad. Moreover, I genuinely mean this when I say that I do not know what I would do without Delaney. She is the perfect counterpart, the balance we all need to the craziness that is staffing, and one of my closest friends. Delaney- congratulations times a million. You have proven your ability to do this job with diligence and integrity, and it’s about time you had the title to back it up. Thank you for everything you do that I may forget to say thank you for in the moment. This is just the beginning.”- Shannen Ketenci, Epic Sales Manager