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Devin Quinlan Promoted to Training Center Manager, Andover

October 23, 2023


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A core member of the Talent team, Devin has helped ALKU’s Internship Program grow immensely. Two years ago, Devin started as a Recruiter in our Kronos division. He established himself as a go-to Recruiter within his group, amassing an impressive spread high during his time on the phones. Someone who is always optimistic and leading by example, Devin brought a sense of humor to his group daily, granting him the opportunity to join the Andover Training Center. He took advantage of this opportunity, bringing that same sense of camaraderie and calm demeanor to the Interns in Andover, quickly establishing and implementing ALKU’s Have Fun Working Hard® culture. His impact on the group was immediate, as he was able to extend a handful of full-time offers this summer while also reaching a spread high in record time.

Through his consistent hard work and ability to take direction, Devin completed his Roadmap over the summer, taking his new role in the Andover Training Center in stride and entirely making it his own. With his Revenue experience, he leads by example every single day he comes into work and very rarely is in his seat, as he spends most of his time on the floor coaching his Interns. Devin’s positivity and passion for helping those around him extend outside his role, as he has participated in multiple VTO opportunities while also being a member of ALKU’s State of Mind Employee Resource Group. Thanks to his constant guidance and wisdom, Devin’s team is always excited about the fun atmosphere he has helped establish for all Interns in Andover.

In his role, Devin will continue to oversee the training and development of all our Interns in our Andover Headquarters! Congratulations, Devin! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“I am beyond excited to officially congratulate Devin on becoming Andover Training Center Manager. For quite some time, Devin made it clear that he intended to join the Talent team and bring his expertise to the Training Centers. Devin hit the ground running this summer and established a culture from day one that all his Interns bought into. Devin keeps things light and fun while keeping everyone on track, upholding ALKU’s internship reputation as the best. Devin can always be found on the floor coaching his Interns and keeping the mood light. As someone who found success relatively quickly at the Recruiting desk, it is no surprise that Devin is already developing top-notch talent. He has done an incredible job building relationships, and his daily consistency around the job is especially noteworthy. I look forward to seeing Devin continue to develop and grow talent each and every day at HQ! Congrats, Dev!” – Training Center Manager, Andover, Adam DeGregorio

“Congratulations to BIG DEV QUINLAN on his official promotion to Training Center Manager, Andover! If I had to describe Devin in one word, it would be determined. When I first met Devin, I could tell how seriously he took his job. No matter the circumstances, Dev was always dialed in and focused on accomplishing his goals. He was a great teammate and key member of Kronos and a Recruiter who led by example. His positive and can-do attitude is contagious and motivating for everyone around him. When he joined the TC team, he seamlessly stepped into his new role and had an immediate impact. His first summer getting the Andover TC off the ground, he closed several deals and extended ten full-time offers. Devin has been an incredible addition to the Training Center team, and we are very lucky to have him. Congratulations, Dev!!!” – Senior Director, Training Centers, Andrew Regan

“Congratulations on your official promotion, Devin!! Since joining the TC team and starting up the Andover TC, he has absolutely crushed this role! He knows how to keep things light and fun while ensuring the interns stay focused and productive. Devin jumps in with both feet and doesn’t shy away from the challenges. He holds his Interns accountable to help ensure that Andover TC has a positive reputation. Devin is super creative with keeping the interns engaged and creating competitions. He has a bigger-picture mindset while being hands-on. He has focused on building meaningful relationships with his Interns and the employees in the full-time groups that the Interns are investing in. He extended multiple full-time offers this summer, helped his Interns start closing deals, and got the Andover TC on the spread report!! Devin is a perfect fit for this position, and I can’t wait to watch him grow into an impressive leader at ALKU. I am so excited to see Devin continue to grow the Andover Training Center and produce some of the best talent that ALKU has ever seen!” – Senior Manager, Training Centers, Corrine Paynter