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Devon Cassidy Promoted to Cash Reconciliation Manager

September 13, 2022


Devon started her ALKU career in 2019 as a Cash Administrator and immediately demonstrated her knack for reconciliation. No task is too complex as she has exceptional Excel skills, determination, and meticulousness. Devon can break down something complex and make it comprehensible to teach others on the subject.   

Devon has gracefully and seamlessly become a professional at managing her busy desk while training her teammates in new developing areas. She is a forward thinker and always looking for ways to keep her team savvy and in the know of new ways to help their day-to-day. Devon truly cares about her and her team’s work and ALKU as a whole. She continuously gives 100 percent daily. 

Outside of her day-to-day role, Devon is a member of ALKU’s Employee Resource Groups (ERG) ALKU Women Empowered (AWE), a Tech Ambassador, and avidly attends various open ERG meetings. Additionally, she takes pride in volunteering and giving back.   

In her new role, Devon will oversee all aspects of the Cash Reconciliation team and its future. She and her team will continue to work hand in hand with multiple corporate departments and revenue to reconcile and resolve any outstanding issues regarding incoming cash.   

Congratulations, Devon! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!    

“DEVON!!! The day has finally come (*tears*)!! The Recon Queen becomes the Recon Manager! Since the day you started, it was immediately evident that you had a knack (to say the least) for reconciliation, but you blew me out of the water with how seriously you took it. Every day, you continued to excel at your desk, always going above and beyond what was asked of you until you mastered it. You impressed me time and time again with your incredible work ethic, determination, forward-thinking, and meticulousness. But I am genuinely in awe over how much you have grown and developed as a leader in just three short years. To see how effortless your transition has been into leadership (while balancing everything you already have on your plate) proves that you are meant to be here. Your ability to think big picture and understand how all the dots connect is an asset to the Cash Team and ALKU as a whole. You continuously prove how valuable you are daily.    

Your positive energy is contagious and makes working with you a breeze. Whether it’s keeping us entertained with your unbeatable dance moves or asking us to assign a theme to our party about five minutes before it starts, you always keep us laughing! You have worked incredibly hard for this and deserve every bit of it. I am SO SO proud of you!!!! You are already an outstanding leader, and I’m honored to work alongside you. I am so excited for the future of the Recon Team with you as its fearless leader! CONGRATS on your well-deserved promotion!!” -Monique O’Brien  

“DEVON!!! Congratulations on your promotion!! I have enjoyed seeing you transition from the quiet, heads-down new hire to the funny, complex, working recon dynamo!   Your sense of humor and positive attitude brings a tremendous energy to the group daily. Your work ethic and creativity in thinking outside the box are inspiring.  You are always looking for ways to make everyone’s job easier, whether for the Cash team or other Corp departments.  You have a knack for seeing the big picture and how the Cash world fits into that.  What really made an impression on me was how seriously you took your roadmap and your determination to learn as much as possible about transitioning to a manager role and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.  It is just one of the reasons you will be a great leader! I am very excited to see what you accomplish in your new role!!! Enjoy your next adventure with ALKU!!  

Can’t wait to see where you take Recon!!” – Jeanine Morgan  

“Dev!! A true Cash Queen!! This might be one of the best promotions yet. I haven’t seen someone handle a workload as Dev does. Devon is so poised. From the beginning of her ALKU career, she has taken on all different tasks from Mo, has bettered processes that have been in place, and has strived to become the best she can be in her position. She sees any issue from beginning to end. Devon is also always promoting new ideas to the Cash group, AR, Client Services and Billing to improve every group. She has built great connections with the sales divisions within HCIT, and every revenue group will benefit from Devon’s promotion. While a hard worker, Devon always finds time to keep her group and groups around her laughing and keeps work fun! Dev, I am so proud of you and have enjoyed working with you as a desk-level employee, but more excited to work with you within a leadership position!” – Kelsey Smith