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Draft Day Reveal

October 06, 2022


After every intern session, ALKU drafts interns that have accepted full-time positions. Each team eagerly awaits their turn to choose their next great addition to join their team. 

A few weeks prior, managers met to kick off October Draft Day with a boardroom-style draft discussion. Afterward, the ‘Krew waits for the big reveal on Draft Day!  

The 2022 October Draft Day picks are as followed: Alex Warren to Workday Financials, Alexcea Glynos to SAP, Alison Levine to Gov IT, Andrew Brantley to Gov I&E, Andrew Mugford to Salesforce, Andrew Riseberg to Med TE, Ben Martin to Pharma RS, Braiclyn Breese to Gov I&E, Bo Coleman to Data Science, Bradley Prenger to Cybersecurity, Braiclyn Breese to Gov I&E, Camille Souza to Pharma AR&D, Charles Farrah to Med ST, Chelsea Coleman to Cerner, Colby Shaffer to Data Science, Daniel Meisenheimer to Cybersecurity, David Marani to Pharma AR&D, Dawson Stevens to Data science, Devon Wilmouth to Gov IT, Greyson Thornton to Cybersecurity, Hailey Abels-Crabbe to Data Science, Haley Emerson to Gov IT, Jack Gump to UKG Pro, Jackson Brang to Cybersecurity, Jake Baker to Med CA, Jamir Malone to Cerner, Jillian Hassler to Gov IT, Jon Cox to Workday HCM, John Valada to Med TE, Jonathan Tesler to Pharma TE&V, Kaileigh Reed to Cybersecurity, Kashon Musick to Data Science, Kayla Mayo to Salesforce, Kyler Durkin to Cybersecurity, Lauren Sadlers to Pharma Quality, Lilja Sehulster to Pharma RS, Madison Mitchell to Gov IT, Matthew McCarthy to Workday Fin, Michael Corrigan to Med RA, Michael Strazzere to Kronos, Morgan Reel to Cerner, Patrick Fleming to Med QA, Patrick Gillis to UKG Pro, Paul Emello to Oracle, Rebecca Hillestad to Med QA, Robbie Hardy to Epic, Ryan Glenn to Cybersecurity, Ryan Taormina to Cerner, Sam Figueroa to Cerner, Sam Wolff to Gov IT, Sarah Carmen to Gov IT, Sarah Clark to Cybersecurity, Shayla Doherty to Med RA, Tanner Randall to Epic, Thomas Adams to Gov I&E, Tyler Girard to Gov IT and William Groth to Cerner.  

Congratulations to all and welcome to the ALKrew!