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DREAM Spotlight: Kristiyana Petrova

June 22, 2023


We are excited to introduce ALKU’s next DREAM Leader, Medical Device Sciences Account Manager, Kristiyana Petrova! Check out the answers Maria provided below! 

What influenced you to launch the ERG Dream?
What initially influenced me is my passion for sharing my culture, traditions, and background with others and being able to learn about theirs. While cultures can differ, the story and experiences of being an immigrant can be quite similar. I moved to the United States at seven years old with my mom, who sacrificed her career and life she had built in Bulgaria so I could have the opportunity to have a better future. We didn’t speak the language or have a family to support us, which caused us to lean on a community of other immigrants in the area who provided guidance along the way. Through DREAM, I am hoping to be able to do the same for others and their family. Since I quickly learned English, I took on many roles in our family, such as a translator and accountant, and in a funny way, our roles were sometimes reversed. My mom worked seven days a week to provide me with the best childhood I could ask for, and she is the reason I strive to be successful today. I am proud to speak about my heritage and be able to say that today, I am living the American dream.  

How will DREAM support members of the ALKrew?
DREAM will create an open space to discuss various topics regarding being an Immigrant or a First Gen.  

What is a short-term goal for DREAM?
In the first few months, my goal is to have everyone come together and share their stories and heritage, as well as identify topics that would benefit them. My goal for this group is to create a collaborative space and facilitate engaging discussions steered by the members of the ERG.  

What is a long-term goal for DREAM?
The long-term goal for DREAM is to create a community and a place for people who identify as immigrants or first generation. Eventually, our objective is to be able to partner with organizations that provide support to immigrants and their families and be able to donate our time. Finally, I would love to lead an initiative where we can focus on recruiting internal employees who come from this type of background that matches ALKU’s culture and recipe for success.  

What do you want people to be aware of outside the group?
This ERG is a group of people who are extremely excited to share their background with others and come together to create a melting pot rather than a mosaic.