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Drew Goldstein Promoted to Technology Manager, Revenue

February 14, 2023


Drew started his ALKU career in November 2019 and has been essential to his group since day one. He started as a Technology Coordinator, worked his way up to a specialist, and now oversees the Revenue Technology team, which touches all the technology our Revenue pillar uses daily. His success is all due to his dedication to his group and ALKU. He prioritizes ALKU’s Have Fun Working Hard® culture and goes above and beyond as a leader.   

Drew is engaging, always brings energy into the office, and strengthens relationships between his group and other pillars. Outside his day-to-day role, he has hosted a company update, volunteered countless times, and is involved in ALKU’s Jewish Employee Group (JEG) Employee Resource Group (ERG).   

Drew will lead the Revenue Technology Team in his new role, leading the charge in how our Revenue employees use technology. This team will look for new software to use, align ALKU’s Customer Relationship Management tool to fit best practices, build custom solutions, help train employees in technology, and more, all to enhance how our Revenue employees work.  

Congratulations, Drew! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!   

“DrewsyBabeee! To say this day is well deserved is an understatement. From day one, the effort, energy, and perseverance you showed to help wherever you could was obvious. All of this was certainly put to the test (There were some days when your SOS ticket count looked like an Account Manager’s dials), yet you always stayed positive, engaged, and looking to make a difference. This attitude, combined with a willingness to learn and ask questions, helped you learn so much about the business in a short time and let you expand these strengths to other areas. From being the primary driver of our transition to Fuze to developing our mobile strategy to playing a major part in all of our ADK applications like ALKU Everywhere, all the group TVs, and ALKU Pulse, the mark you have made in the current technology stack at ALKU is evident. This will only grow as you help lead the addition of new technology and focus on how we can best use it.  

Besides the awesome work you have provided, the thing that really sets you apart is your ability to form such strong relationships. I don’t think I can take ten steps in the office with Drew without him running into someone he knows that he strikes up a conversation with, helps with a problem, or simply cracks a joke to keep things light. All of these efforts show one thing to me: Just how much Drew cares, and that is the most important trait of all and why Drew is such a great fit for the Leadership team. Congrats on everything, Drew! We are lucky to have you on the Tech Team, and I can’t wait to see the impact you will continue to have on everyone!” -JP Barrett  

“The day has finally come! I wouldn’t be surprised if people thought Drew was already part of the Leadership team. Drew is one of a kind. He leads by example, shows passion in everything he does, and is creative, selfless, and a SME, making him the perfect fit for this position. He’s been a key driver of innovative change and tools we now can’t imagine living without. He strives to make himself the best he can be and bends backward to help others around him succeed. Not to mention, he’s a lucky guy, winning every damn contest we run (he’s off the hook for today, it’s his time to shine)…  

Nonetheless, it’s always well deserved. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this promotion. Congratulations, Drew! The Tech team will thrive with you as an additional team leader. Can’t wait to see you crush being a MANAGER!” -Aleksia Qirjazi  

“Sometimes I wonder who solved all of ALKU’s problems before we had Drew Goldstein. Drew is one of the company’s most reliable employees, and since his first day, he has only had one goal: to improve this place. Throughout Drew’s career, he has tackled some of ALKU’s most ambitious technology projects. As soon as he accomplishes something, he is already thinking about how he can improve it for the people of ALKU. Drew has always wanted to help others, whether it be an entire division with a group goal or an individual with a problem. Drew is always everyone’s go-to. He is always present, energetic, encouraging, and willing to put in any extra effort to be someone’s solution. Since getting to know Drew, it’s easy to see how much he cares about others. Even when Drew’s list of “to-dos” is seemingly maxed out, he is always willing to add another for someone. It just shows that nobody is not worth his time, and I think it says a ton about his character. I know that this promotion means a lot to Drew, but it always means a lot to everyone in this company because we all have watched Drew work so hard to be here today, and we have a lot to thank him for. Over the last year, Drew has spent time organizing and coordinating the company’s revenue tools and technology. He has developed a team focused on sales enablement and works on creating efficiencies for the entire companies recruiting and account management population. Watching Drew mentor his team and create one of the company’s most important groups has been great to watch. We can all aspire to have his leadership and attention to detail. Today I am happy to congratulate an awesome coworker and even better friend. Congratulations, Drew!” -James Cassin-Reed