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Dylan Kierman Promoted to Senior Medical Device Regulatory Affairs Recruiter

December 15, 2022


Dylan began his ALKU career in November 2020, where he spent his first three months working entirely remotely. During his first year at ALKU, he was still a member of the air force, which required him to work full weekends once a month. Dylan is incredibly hard-working and willing to go the extra mile and help in any way possible.   

Dylan is a tremendous asset to the Leadership team in Medical Device. He is always willing to help others and keep the team top of his mind. Other employees gravitate towards him not only as a peer but also as a close and trusted friend.   

Dylan helps to keep ALKU’s Have Fun Working Hard® culture top of mind at all times. He is highly reliable and always assists others to continue to go the extra mile. He is the glue that holds Medical Device Regulatory Affairs and Medical Device Clinical & Medical Affairs together. He is thoughtful, caring, and incredibly nice.   

In his new role, he will become an ally of the Medical Device Leadership team. Dylan will develop new employees and give messages to the team when opportunities arise. He will continue bringing positive, fun, and light-hearted energy to the team daily. As the group grows, he will be the go-to Recruiter in Medical Device Regulatory Affairs.   

Congratulations, Dylan! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!   

I am honored to work with someone as thoughtful and motivated as Dylan Kierman. Dylan started his career about two years ago and has already accomplished so much and has made many friends along the way. As good of a friend Dylan is in the office, he is a lethal Recruiter. On top of that, he drives almost two hours every day to get into the office! Something else I have learned about Dylan is his time here at ALKU is that he genuinely cares about everyone on his team. Not only is he willing to help with the day-to-day for some of our newer employees, but if he notices someone having a bad day, he is the first person to say something.   

The other thing about Dylan people should know he is extremely goofy and at times almost too easy to mess with, which I can appreciate, haha.” -Logan Blake  

“Dylan! The newest (and only) Senior Medical Device Recruiter. You should be so proud to take the next step in your career, as we are so proud of you. It’s an honor to have someone in the Medical Device Brand who is consistently pleasant. Dylan is an employee with true intentions about where he is going and what he wants. From every conversation, Dylan has left me feeling like he will go out and run through a wall for us if that’s what we want him to do. He is an honest kid and wants to do whatever it takes to help his team. Dylan, thank you for all you do. This is just the beginning of a long career.  Time to shorten that commute to psycho! Proud of you, congratulations!” -Patty Blanchard    

“We are very excited for Dylan to receive this promotion. Dylan quickly picked up the role of Recruiter for Med-RS but has never stopped trying to get better. He does the job at a high level and never hesitates to help within the group. Dylan’s positive attitude and work ethic make him a valued team member, and I can’t think of another person deserving of Senior status. Dylan has been a top producer for a while, and with that commute, I am happy he can take advantage of some of the senior perks. Thanks for everything you do, Dylan, and congratulations on your promotion.” -John Barrett