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Eddie Garcia Promoted to Training Center Manager, Durham

October 14, 2021


Eddie Garcia joined ALKU in June of 2018 as an Account Manager in the Pharmaceutical QVC division. Before transitioning to Pharmaceutical AR&D as an Account Manager upon its startup. He went on to be a perfect example of someone that embodies ALKU’s Have Fun Working Hard ™ culture. Eddie has a passion for leading by example, helping those in the ALKrew that are new to sales, and brightening up the day of those around him. His ability to be patient and his passion to teach others has led him to this role.

When the Training Center Manager, Durham role opened, Eddie was the answer. He decided to take this career path where his passion will thrive while helping to build ALKU’s future. In his new role, Eddie will manage the Training Center located in Durham, New Hampshire. He will continue to utilize his account management skills to teach and shape the next generation of ALKU interns. Educating them on staffing and selling while showing them what it means to Have Fun Working Hard ™. Congratulations Eddie! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role.

“Eddie Garcia, to say that I’m fired up would be an understatement. There isn’t a more deserving person for this promotion. ALKU asks its employees to trust the process, work hard, and have fun. If you can do these three things that formula always spells success. Eddie Garcia is the epitome of that. Since coming into ALKU as a Pharmaceutical QVC Account Manager he was one of our top producers. Eddie always led the team, not only in spread but in effort and commitment. Once we started AR&D, we knew he was the first person we wanted to help bring us to the top. He came into a startup and led by example as well as kept the culture fun and exciting for everyone else. I couldn’t think of a more natural progression than for him to now lead the Durham office into its next chapter. Eddie is going to teach, motivate, and inspire the next wave of ALKU. Congrats on all your success!” – Ryan Rudich, Pharmaceutical AR&D Sales Manager.

“Eddie Garcia! Huge congratulations on your new promotion! From the day that I first met Eddie, the thing that stood out the most to me was how much he cared. How much he cared about ALKU, his job, his team, his success, his perception, his continuous improvement… the list goes on. This level of care resulted in years of hard work, passion, eagerness, and now opportunity. Eddie has always been someone to say yes to a new challenge. When Pharmaceutical AR&D was starting up, Eddie jumped at the opportunity to be a part of something new and exciting and now he’s taking his skills to Durham. Eddie always comes to work with a smile, stories to tell and has been the heart and soul of our groups. Eddie is going to do amazing things at the Durham Training Center. I know he will take that same level of care and passion and bring it to Durham, getting those interns excited to work for ALKU. Eddie has always had such a special place in my heart, and I couldn’t be prouder of him and this next step in his career. He brings compassion and heart into his job and I’m excited for Durham to experience that. Congratulations again, Eddie you are going to crush this new role and have the full support of Pharmaceutical,” – Tarah Lovato, Director of Pharmaceutical and Government Sales

“Eddie! Congratulations on your promotion, I am so excited to be writing this!!! From our start in Pharmaceutical, Eddie has always brought the energy and a passion for this job that is enviable. I am not sure there is anyone who embodies Have Fun Working Hard ™ better than Eddie – he’s always one of the first ones in the office, leads the charge in metrics, and is always looking for ways to make situations lighter and the day to day at the office more fun. While we’re sad to lose the pump-up speeches and someone who can talk about the Yankees, I am so excited for you!!! I can’t wait to see what you do with the Durham Training Center and can’t wait to see how great these interns are after learning from one of the best! Durham is lucky to have you but there is always a spot on the pharmaceutical outings for you! Congrats Eddie, let’s celebrate!!!” – Skyler Smith, Pharmaceutical AR&D Recruiting Manager