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Emily Carolan Promoted to Pharmaceutical RS Recruiting Manager

December 01, 2021


Emily Carolan started at ALKU in June of 2017, from day one she hit the ground running. Emily has gone above and beyond in every role she has taken on at ALKU. During her tenure, she has made the switch from Medical Device Recruiter to Pharmaceutical QVC Recruiter to Pharmaceutical RS Sales and now Pharmaceutical RS Recruiting. Emily has set aggressive goals for herself in each of the revenue roles she’s held, and she has worked hard to achieve them, and in turn, she has hit numerous career milestones. Her natural ability to build relationships has helped her achieve success and become the go-to recruiter.  

Over the past five years, Emily has grown to become a great leader. She is always willing to help those out around her and step up when needed. Upon her induction into Leadership, she took the reins to run a group of new hires, quickly catching them up to speed with her team’s spread. This is only one example of Emily’s trustworthy ability to take direction and run with it.  

With this and much more, ALKU is thrilled to announce the promotion of Emily Carolan to Pharmaceutical RS Recruiting Manager! 

In this new role, Emily will continue to develop Pharmaceutical RS Recruiters. She will be responsible for helping senior Recruiters reach new spread milestones, and help new Recruiters reach their goals. She will also continue working closely with the Pharmaceutical RS team to help them grow and hit spread milestones.  

Congratulations, Emily! We cannot wait to see all that you accomplish in this role! 

“Emily! I am so excited that the day is finally here!! This promotion is so well deserved, and I couldn’t be happier for you. Your journey at ALKU is a testament to your work ethic and ability to adapt to any situation. When Emily initially made the switch to Pharmaceutical QVC Recruiter, she approached it with an open mind and determination that made everyone around her better. When asked to drop her entire base and switch to Pharmaceutical RS Sales, she did it with a smile. When we asked her to switch from Pharmaceutical RS Sales to a Pharmaceutical RS Recruiter, she did it with a vision and passion to make herself and everyone around her better every day. We have asked a lot from Emily, and throughout each step, she has done it with a smile and eagerness to learn. Emily is extremely reliable. She holds herself and her team to high standards and is always trying to get better each day. I am so excited to see the Pharmaceutical RS team continue to crush spread highs and take off to new heights and I know with your direction and ability to motivate, that is right around the corner. Congrats, Emily! I know this is just a short stop on your career here at ALKU, but you deserve it, so stop to take a moment to enjoy it!” – Nathan Hoffman, Senior Pharmaceutical QVC & RS Recruiting Manager  

“Huge congrats to Emily on the promotion to Pharmaceutical RS Recruiting Manager! It’s crazy how much effort I have seen Emily put in since we started working together about two years ago to get to this spot. Not only has she embodied trusting the process, switching groups, and switching sides of the desk (twice), but she has excelled in every one of them. When she first started with Pharmaceutical QVC she worked hard to become a powerhouse Recruiter, then took the opportunity to switch over to sales and join our Pharmaceutical RS team, learning new skill sets and how to be an Account Manager. After closing a few deals on the Account Manager side in her first couple of months, we asked her to switch back to recruiting because we had an immediate need for her in a leadership position. Through all these transitions, she trusted her team and threw herself into it trying to be the best she can be, which is exactly what has gotten her to this spot. She has always led by example in her work, but it’s been awesome to see her shift into such a natural leader and help shape a positive culture in a new group. I know how hard you’ve worked for this Emily, and I couldn’t be happier for you!! Congratulations!” – Charles Nevejans, Senior Pharmaceutical QVC & RS Sales Manager 

“The day has come for Emily Carolan, and I am so happy to be writing this well-deserved promotion announcement. Emily is a fiercely loyal and dedicated manager, and she is someone who has always stopped at nothing to earn everything she has received. I’ve said it before – but she is one of the most adaptable people in the company, and it doesn’t get much better than the Emily Carolan ALKU story. From switching brands to switching groups within a brand to switching sides of the desk as an Account Manager & Recruiter – she has truly done it all. Not everyone is willing to leave behind a high spread & database for another opportunity– but Emily has already done that twice within her four-year career at ALKU. She has proven successful in every role she has held and has done everything the company has asked of her and more. Anyone paying attention can tell that Emily cares more about the success of those underneath her than she does herself, and I know that Pharmaceutical RS wouldn’t be half the division without her leadership over the last year. I know this is just a short stop along the way in Emily’s career at ALKU, and I know her competitive nature, ambition, and resilience are some of the reasons she is going to continue to succeed. I am so proud of you, and I know that you will accomplish anything you put your mind to. Congratulations on your promotion – you’ve earned it and I can’t wait to celebrate you!” -Tyler Boyle, Director of Pharmaceutical Recruiting