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Emily Kroll Promoted to Technology Manager, Infrastructure

June 07, 2023


Throughout Emily’s ALKU career, she has taken on many different roles and has always helped to do what is best for the company. When Emily first began her career, she worked closely with consultants and helped to build the Consultant Laptop process that is still being used today. Since joining the Operations team and now the Technology team, she has helped implement countless tools, with her largest contribution being ServiceNow. This tool is going to change many of the tech processes in the future. Emily has also revamped Tech Tools training which her team oversees today. Now, Emily is thriving as a member of the Technology Leadership team. She is an essential member of her team and continues to help ALKU grow every day. Additionally, Emily is a mentor to several members of the ALKrew. 

Outside of her day-to-day role, Emily is a member of two of ALKU’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), ALKU Women Empowered (AWE), and State of Mind. She has also won many internal awards, such as Corporate Cup winner, and has been nominated for five various T-Shirts through ALKU’s T-Shirt Program.  

In her new role, Emily will be responsible for the oversight of the Tech that all ALKU employees use every day. These tools include Fuze, Microsoft Suite, Pingboard, Slack, ZOOM, SOS, ServiceNow, and the implementation of any new tools that touch the Infrastructure world. Emily will continue to grow the Infrastructure team and help with any initiatives. 

Congratulations, Emily! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in your new role! 

“It’s your time, Emily! You have done it, Manager Emily! I am so beyond proud of all the hard work you have done over the years. I am so lucky to have been able to watch you grow and shine. We always joke that you have done the most at ALKU. I am so thankful all those years ago that you joined the Ops team. It brought us to this point, becoming the Infrastructure Manager was the perfect role for you. You are the perfect example of trusting the process, and everything happens for a reason. I could explain to everyone how hardworking you are and all of your past accomplishments, but I would run out of allowed characters. Thank you for always going with the flow and trusting us to get you to this point. You have spent so much time getting out of your comfort zone and being a part of all of the vendor calls and having difficult conversations. Now it is finally paying off! I am so excited to see where you take this role and all the amazing tech you will implement! Your team is so lucky to have someone like you guiding them. I truly can’t tell you how incredibly proud I am of you and all you have done to get here. Keep smiling and cracking jokes because you bring so much joy and smiles to the team!” – Technology Manager, Enterprise, Erin McKone 

“I have had the privilege to watch Emily grow into the amazing mentor and leader that she is today. She puts her heart and soul into everything that she loves. Em has been a part of multiple team transitions and has handled them all so flawlessly. Emily is someone who is always willing to trust the process and do whatever it takes to support her team. You can tell that Emily is very passionate when it comes to helping others and finding solutions. She is the comedian of the group and someone who keeps you laughing with her dry humor and lovely personality. Emily will go above and beyond to help anyone get the job done. She is someone you can count on. Emily’s work ethic is laudable. She leads by example and is always there when you need her. I admire Emily’s sweet soul and kind heart. Emily is someone you can go to for support and guidance. Her team is very fortunate to have such an honorable leader. Emily is consistently focusing on unique ways to inspire her team to succeed. She makes it all look so easy. Baby Wells is so lucky to have a fearless mama to look up to, like Emily! This is such a special day. You have worked so hard to get here, Em! I’m so proud! Congrats on your well-deserved promotion! I can’t wait to see where this new opportunity will take you. You go, girl!” – Senior Marketing Manager, Events & Internal Engagement, Dania Ramirez 

“Congratulations, Emily, on a very well-deserved promotion! Since the day you came to ALKU, you have shown how a true professional brings value. I know many employees (including myself) who bring issues to your desk that you do not directly oversee. Still, your willingness to help those around you, no matter the task, is incredibly admirable. When you originally made the transition to the Tech Team, I knew they would be getting someone with an amazing work ethic. It comes as no surprise that you have positioned yourself as a leader, given your ability to lead by example in all things. Many people will say that a sign of a great manager is someone who is willing to do anything they would ask their team to do. I cannot think of a better example of this. Thank you for your continued work in making the Franklin office a wonderful place! Congratulations again on your continued success with ALKU!” – Senior Manager, Virtual Training Centers, Taylor Trumphour