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Emily Pacanza Promoted to Internal Recruiting Manager

October 31, 2022


Emily started her ALKU career in 2019 as an Internal Recruiter. Since day one, she has proven that she is willing to develop herself in more ways than one. Over the last three years, Emily has been part of several changes within Internal Recruiting, proving her adaptability. When she was hired in 2019, only one group handled all hiring for ALKU. Today, there are three separate specializations. Today, Emily is directly responsible for hiring 172 of our internal employees, equating to 34% of ALKU’s employee population.   

Most recently, Emily implemented multiple efforts to improve Internal Recruiting development and has recently ramped up two new internal Recruiters and assisted in developing two others. Emily is held in high regard by the rest of the Internal Recruiting team. She is never too busy to support one of the team members and always does so with a positive attitude. By doing so, Emily is quickly making a name for herself as an emerging leader at ALKU.   

Emily’s energy and dedication to her role emulate the best parts of ALKU’s Have Fun Working Hard® culture. She is constantly boosting her team’s mood and bringing upbeat energy. She provides a welcoming and lighthearted presence to her team and ALKU.   

In her new role, Emily will be responsible for developing new Internal Recruiters and ensuring the Internal Recruiting team meets set hiring goals. Additionally, she will partner with revenue leaders to ensure Internal Recruiting supports hiring efforts efficiently and effectively.   

Congratulations Emily! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“Emily has been nothing short of impressive during my time with the Internal recruiting team. She has been Pivotal in the group’s success during its leadership transition, implementing and holding the team accountable to new processes and maintaining and promoting the culture that has made this group special! Emily is extremely process-oriented, and her ability to think about the big picture will be important to the future growth of the Internal recruiting team. Talent leadership and her team highly appreciate Emily’s infectious positive attitude. All of the individuals on the IR team that have worked with Emily have been better off for it, and her future impact on the team is something I am very eager to see. I am very excited to watch Emily continue to grow as one of the emerging leaders at ALKU!” – D’Andre Drummond-Mayrie  

 “The Hammah! This is one of those “isn’t she already a manager?” types of promotions, and those are always the best. From shadowing your interview with Regan back in 2019, to working alongside you as CRD & IR started to split, to having the pleasure of being your manager, and last but certainly not least, to now working alongside you as a leader within TA. It’s been a long road together, and I wouldn’t have wanted to take those steps with anyone else. You are hands down one of the hardest-working people I’ve met. You set the bar for yourself and those around you, and you do what it takes to get there, which I continue to admire. You are a force to be reckoned with and have truly set the pace within the Internal Recruiting world. I am so proud to be able to congratulate you on this well-deserved promotion, and I am lucky to call you a co-worker and a friend. Here’s to your next ALKU chapter!” – Delaney Bradley 

“Emily The Hammah Bonanza Pacanza. I knew we got a good one when you took the best car selfie in the history of car selfies after your offer meeting in 2019. I am so impressed by the journey that has led you to leadership. From the start, you have given your work your all and solidified yourself as a top producer. You have remained willing to learn and try, and your desire for success has never wavered. Hats off to you for staying in the driver’s seat over the past 4 years, no matter what work or life has thrown in the road. The overall growth that Delaney, D’Andre, myself, and many others have witnessed is admirable. To the teammates that get to learn from you now and in the future: you got that good one. Emily, thank you for helping our team and the company achieves heights that once may have seemed unimaginable. Thank you for beginning to build and lead a team that will -without a doubt- be the best and most intentional Internal Recruiting team in the industry. Congratulations, HAMMAH!” -Marissa Meyer