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Emma DeFrancesco Promoted to Sales Manager, Pharmaceutical Quality

July 11, 2023


Emma started her ALKU career in August 2020 and has become an essential member of the ALKrew. She portrays all the qualities that ALKU looks for in a leader, as she is selfless and relentlessly passionate about the growth of her team and ALKU as a whole. She is constantly pushing herself to improve and is always looking for new ways to inspire her team.  

Emma successfully maintained her own spread while growing her group and staying positive through the highs and lows while on her roadmap to management. Additionally, she was spearheading the Pharmaceutical Quality sales side post Pharmaceutical Quality, Validation, & Control split.  

Outside her day-to-day role, Emma is constantly contributing to her team’s culture and motivating her employees. From daily trivia to consistent contests and team development, she facilitates monthly. Outside of her group, she is a member of ALKU’s Employee Resource Group (ERG) ALKU Women Empowered (AWE). Additionally, she runs Revenue meetings and encourages members of her team to get involved by joining ERGs and participating in College Relationship Development (CRD) events. 

In her new role, Emma will oversee Pharmaceutical Quality sales training and developing new Account Managers while driving sales activity and growing her group’s revenue.  

Congratulations, Emma! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role! 

“I’m extremely excited to be writing this promotion post! Where do I begin with Emma DeFrancesco?!  She has been working so incredibly hard for this promotion since before she received her roadmap. Three years ago, she came into her career here completely dialed in and ready to compete. I remember the day we called to tell her she was actually starting in sales as opposed to recruiting, and only a few weeks post-grad, she was completely FEARLESS and ready to jump into her career. Every day since, she has continued to push herself to get better – at the job and as an example to the people hired after her. I’m so proud to have the honor of working with Emma and watching her shine over the years. She truly has all the qualities we look for in a leader here – she is relentlessly passionate about the growth and success of her team and continuously leads by example, carrying the activity of her own desk, and the team’s on her shoulders. So happy for you and can’t wait to see the heights you take your group as Pharma Quality Sales Manager! Cheers to you, Emma!” – Senior Sales Manager, Pharmaceutical, Meghan McCarthy 

“A BIG congratulations are in order for Emma for this well-deserved promotion! Since the day Emma started, she has continued to impress me. Each day she comes in, she works to be better than the day before. She is dedicated to her craft and has been the backbone of Pharma Quality since the day we split. I think what impresses me most about Emma as a leader is her ability to lead from the front. She is consistent, patient, and incredibly hungry to be the best. It now comes as no surprise that she is taking over this group as the Sales Manager (officially), and her employees follow in her footsteps. She has built a sales team from scratch that delivers consistent results month over month, and that is a product of Emma’s hard work. She keeps things light in the group but, at the same time, holds people accountable, and I truly don’t think this group would be growing at the pace it is without her. Thank you for all your hard work, and CONGRATULATIONS once again! So happy for you, Emma! – Recruiting Director, Pharmaceutical, Nate Hoffman 

“I am very excited to congratulate Emma on her promotion to Pharma Quality Sales Manager! For those who don’t know, Emma moved here from New York with no intern experience, knowing very little about ALKU in the heart of COVID (kind of seems concerning when you type it out like that). From the very beginning, she threw herself into becoming the best possible Account Manager she could be, and the rest was history. 

Out of everything she has accomplished, I think the last year has been the most impressive. Her opportunity for leadership came when we decided to split Pharma QVC into two groups, with her at the helm of the new Quality division. Just like her commitment to becoming an excellent Account Manager, she embraced the transition into leadership and has emerged as a confident, inspiring, lead-by-example manager whom her people want to follow and emulate. Through the easy times and the tough ones, you can count on Emma to set an example, stay positive, and support her people. 

Emma – You have been a leader here for quite a while, but I know how much the official promotion means to you, and I couldn’t be happier. Congratulations!” – Sales Director, Pharmaceutical, Charlie Nevejans