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Emma White Promoted to Senior Workday HCM & Financials Recruiting Manager

October 18, 2022


Emma was an incredibly determined UNH intern and began her ALKU career in June 2017. Emma is an unbelievable recruiter and a vocal leader. She has proven to develop engaged and productive employees while sacrificing for the betterment of her employees and ALKU. Emma is an incredible leader and pillar of the Workday group.   

Throughout Emma’s ALKU career, she has developed countless leaders and high-level recruiters. Emma is approachable and vocal. She keeps her group on task and motivated while managing the largest group in ERP. Outside her day-to-day role, Emma is a member of ALKU’s Employee Resource Group, ALKU Women Empowered, and the Morning Workout Committee.   

In her new role, Emma will be responsible for oversight and strategic direction of recruiting and group initiatives in both Workday HCM and Workday Financials. She will continue to develop leaders and future leaders.   

Congratulations, Emma! We can’t wait to see your accomplishments in this new role!  

“Emma White. One of those names you feel like you have to say in full. And one of those employees who deserves a full title, congratulations on her promotion to Senior Workday HCM & Financials Recruiting Manager!! Emma White always looks at the bigger picture and what needs to happen for others to succeed. I think about her first promotion, at the height of the pandemic, taking the reigns of a group that felt the full effects of COVID, and I think about the tactics and initiatives that Emma took to put the team first, the determination and commitment she displayed to help get Workday HCM back up. Emma has built a team of powerhouse recruiters and leaders with tons of growth ahead of them. As a Senior Manager, Emma will expand on her big-picture mindset while keeping all the qualities that make her a strong leader. Her approachability, collaboration, and outspoken nature are just a few attributes that led her to this promotion. I cannot wait to see where you take Workday next and the impact you’ll make on ERP and ALKU. Congratulations, Emma White Sr. !!!” -John Bull  

“EMMA! Quite literally, where do I even start?! I will never forget when I first met you in Durham when you were an intern back in 2016, and you were so determined to find a submittal for a job you had been working on all day… I knew then and there that you would be an absolute rock star, and when you joined full-time in Workday, you brought that same energy and then some. You quickly found success and were a huge piece to Workday’s rapid growth in spread. As your spread skyrocketed, it was clear that people naturally followed you and wanted to be the next Emma, making it a no-brainer decision for you to be promoted and be a part of ALKU’s leadership team. Since becoming the Workday Recruiting Manager, you have built an absolute powerhouse of a recruiting squad and have driven Workday HCM!!! I can’t wait to see your positive impact on the Workday Financials side and to be a part of spearheading both Workdays!! I could say this a million times, but I couldn’t be more proud of you, Emma, on your well-deserved Senior Workday HCM & Financials Recruiting Manager promotion!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!” -Micaela Damiano  

“Emma has accomplished so much in her five years with ALKU. She has done an incredible job of developing absolute hammer Recruiters. She cares so much about putting her people in a spot to be successful. If there were one story to summarize Emma as a leader, it would be last summer when ERP needed a Recruiting manager for Workday Finn. Most managers wouldn’t be thrilled to lose an incredible Recruiter who was well on her way to being a manager, but when asked about it, Emma responded, “I am so excited for Haley; this is great”. Emma balances a perfect line of pushing her people to be successful and, keeping it fun/not taking herself too seriously. Emma is exceptional at delivering a message and getting everyone behind it, whether it’s a message to the group, an ERP leadership meeting, or Strategic Council. When Emma makes a statement, people follow! Emma continues to elevate her leadership ability and is a huge factor in the success of Workday and ERP as a brand, and I am fired up for THE Emma White’s next step in her career and the impact she will have! Congratulations, Emma, on the promotion to Senior Manager of Workday HCM & Financials!!” -Nick Vignone