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Erin McKone Promoted to Operations Manager

December 08, 2021


Erin McKone started at ALKU in August 2018 at the front desk and has excelled ever since. Within two years, with hard work and dedication, she has worked her way up to a Senior role focusing on new hire onboarding and the IT side of Operations. As a Senior, she’s assisted in growing her team and improving processes to better support the company. 2021 has brought Erin an outstanding year that led her to be named CEO’s choice and contribute to the Operations team taking home Corporate Division of the Year.

In her time at ALKU, she implemented the “Go Green initiative”, replacing plastic cups with tumblers to help cut costs. Erin also discovered the need for “Office Space” which automates floor plan seating—something that is crucial for creating socially distant floor plans and coordinating desk moves.

Erin’s dedication to her role and her people is what makes her special and the best person for this opportunity. She brings a level of enthusiasm and eagerness to every situation that is thrown her way. Although her role can be hectic, tough, and demanding, Erin handles it with ease and a smile.

With this and much more, we are excited to announce the promotion of Erin McKone to Operations Manager!

In her new role, Erin will oversee team responsibilities of IT and New Hire Onboarding in the realm of Operations. She will focus on improving efficiency, implementing technological advancements, improving equipment handling, and contributing to personal development amongst her team.

Congratulations, Erin! We can’t wait to see all you continue to achieve in this role!

“I couldn’t be more excited to congratulate Erin on her promotion to Operations Manager – this one is a long time coming! Erin has done an incredible job of growing the team while working towards achieving this next milestone in her career. I’m so lucky to have worked alongside Erin for the past three years, witnessing her commitment and unmatchable work ethic along the way. Something that makes Erin so great is her kindness (and her amazing laugh). She is the best colleague, mentor, and friend who cares about everybody else’s success just as much as her own. Erin has made me a better manager and has made our team a solid division. If anyone witnessed my reaction to Erin getting CEO’s choice, just wait until this promotion announcement goes through… cheers and congratulations, Erin! I’m beyond proud of how far you’ve come and can’t wait to see you thrive in this role!!!” -Aleksia Qirjazi, Senior Operations Manager

“I am so excited about Erin’s promotion to Operations Manager!! First and foremost, she’s a lunatic…for caring!! She genuinely wants to make sure everyone on and engages with her team is successful and that everyone at ALKU is successful. Erin is always willing to take on any task and does so with a smile. She is willing to ask questions so she can learn. She is willing to put herself out of her comfort zone so she can grow. I imagine many people are thinking, “isn’t she already a manager?” That’s because she leads by example and is someone the team looks up to. It has been awesome to see Erin’s growth within the team and I am so excited for her to officially be promoted into management. Congrats Erin!!” -Kyle Ketcham, Director of Business Technology

“Erin McKone is a force to be reckoned with, she encompasses everything we ever hope an ALKU employee to be—friendly, personable, outgoing, but also hardworking, determined, and motivated. It’s tough to find a good mix of those traits, but when we do, we know we have a superstar. From the day I interviewed Erin, she talked about how she could help ALKU and take the Operations team to the next level, and she has returned that promise tenfold. When something needs to get done and done well, we put Erin on it. Not only because she accomplishes all of her tasks with ease, but because she does it with that amazing laugh of hers! It was an easy decision when thinking about who would be the next leader in the Operations world. Erin has all the qualities of a great leader, and anyone here would be lucky to have her leading them. I am in awe of how much Erin has learned and the impact she has made so far in her time at ALKU. I can’t wait to continue to see her strive for even more in her role as Operations Manager. Congratulations Erin!” -Lauren Pacella, Vice President