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Erin McKone Promoted to Senior Manager, Enterprise Technology

July 13, 2023


Erin joined ALKU as an Operations Coordinator in August 2018. She quickly made a name for herself and had a significant impact on her team and the entire company while she was at the front desk. She consistently created a fun work environment while bringing incredible energy that radiated throughout her team and ALKU. Erin’s ability to lead from the front and take on new challenges earned her a promotion to Operations Manager. Her dedication and hard work didn’t go unnoticed while she continued to problem-solve and advocate for her team. Through this, Erin became an incredibly well-respected Manager, and she was awarded the CEO’s Choice title in 2020. As ALKU continued to grow, so did Erin’s responsibilities as she took on a new role as Technology Manager, Enterprise. Her focus remained on leading a solid team of nine employees who all go above and beyond and improving the company’s tools and equipment to ensure the best support for ALKU. 

In addition to her vital role on the Technology team, Erin is an active member of two of ALKU’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), ALKU Women Empowered (AWE) and the Parents group. She is also part of the Mark Tank Committee and has participated annually in fundraising for the Rodman Ride for Kids since 2018.  

In her new role, Erin will continue to develop her team of Managers and spearhead the strategy behind ALKU’s Enterprise Technology tools and Cybersecurity efforts. Congratulations, Erin! We’re excited to see your achievements in this new role! 

“If you know Erin, you know she’s the best person to be around. She has a fun and contagious energy about her. She’s accomplished so much throughout her career at ALKU, and I’m so lucky to have witnessed it all. Erin is a problem solver, someone who advocates for her people, and a well-respected manager. She’s been notorious for taking on a crazy number of direct hires and molding other leaders beneath her – she is just that good. So much goes into her day-to-day, and I’m not sure how, but she makes it look easy. I lean on Erin a lot and couldn’t imagine lifeatalku without her. Erin has so much to offer, and I know she will take this role to the next level. I am so happy for you, Erin. Congratulations on your promotion!” – Aleksia Qirjazi  

“When Erin McKone is in the office, you KNOW she is in the office!!!  If her booming laugh doesn’t give it away, she will likely call you out from afar while pointing in your direction.  And when Erin McKone is in the office, the office is better.  Erin has an energy that is unsurpassed. She brings enthusiasm to her job every day and a determination that has driven her to much success. She has built a group that performs at a very high level and is always willing to help at the drop of a hat. It’s also a group that loves their manager. And that’s what I think of when I think of Erin. Everyone loves her. When you combine that with intelligence and drive, you get a very successful person. And that is why this promotion is very well deserved. Congratulations!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” – Marc Cirrone  

“For those who get to work with Erin in person know that her laugh is infectious.  Yes, it’s big and loud, but it comes from the heart. Erin’s leadership is just like her laugh. It’s bold and amplified and comes from the heart. Erin embodies ALKU’s core leadership traits, like caring, leading by example, and problem-solving.  She applies those traits every day, whether it’s helping her team, escalating an issue, or tackling something completely new. Although she doesn’t always like it, she has embraced pushing herself and those she develops out of their comfort zone to learn new skills.  Her willingness to take risks, to learn, and to always strive to be better resonates through her team, the entire Technology team, and throughout ALKU. It’s been a pleasure to have Erin as a colleague and key member of the leadership team. I am excited for Erin taking this next step in her career as a Senior Manager, and I’m excited for ALKU to have her in this role. Congrats Erin!” -Senior Director, Technology, Kyle Ketcham