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February Draft Day Recap

February 24, 2022


It’s that time of the year, February Draft Day is officially here! At ALKU, after every intern session there is a draft for interns that have accepted full-time positions. Each team takes turns and picks impressive additions to join their group. This is a great example of how ALKU Levels Up! This is a fun and creative concept that the ALKrew looks forward to!

Two weeks ago, managers met over Zoom to kick off February Draft Day with a boardroom style draft discussion. One may ask, what happens after the boardroom discussion? The fantastic Draft reveal of course! Each division puts together a fun skit to announce and celebrate who will be joining their team as a full-time employee! The ALKrew tuned into the Draft Reveal Wednesday afternoon to find out where each intern has been drafted to!

The February 2022 Draft picks are as followed: Mahmoud Khalil to Kronos, Robert Nicolich to Pharmaceutical QVC, Brett Dodier to Pharmaceutical RS, Kyle Rayment to Medical Device TE, Will Sabatino to Medical Device QVC, Nicholas Vendetti to Epic, Jake Erlich to Medical Device RS, Michael Hamilton to Pharmaceutical QVC, Sydney Davidson to Government IT, Nick Mager to Workday HCM, Chloe Griffin to Pharmaceutical QVC, Davis Laughlin to Cerner, Jared Marquard to Cybersecurity, Keoana Nettles to Data Science, Dylan Scott to Salesforce, Ariyan Starks to Cerner, Trenton Clark to Government I&E, Lucas Vaadi to Workday Financials, Rodrigo Morales to Government I&E.

Congratulations to all and welcome to the ALKrew!